Friday, December 4, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 20

She really invited me to dinner. That came surprisingly. We had just started walking away when I noticed that I still needed to bring my board away. I explained her that I had to bring it over to the beach kiosk quickly. She came with me, looked a bit confused, but didn`t say a word.

She wasn`t saying a word on the way to her house and so I didn`t say anything either. Maybe she had already regret inviting me and just didn`t know how to get out of the situation, but her smile said something else. As the last time she entered the house through the backdoor. She took Balus leash and harness and went with it into the hall just to come back without them. I sat down at the table because I didn`t really know what to do. She opened the fridge and took some onions and apples out.

I raised my eyebrows surprised because what would she be doing with apples and onions. On the apples carrots, salad, salmon, a pineapple and bananas followed. Was she maybe searching for something special in the fridge? Or didn`t she know how to cook und this was just a desperate attempt? What did Kim say?

“She always orders a salad, guessing she can`t cook.”

Lastly she took some cream out of the fridge. Now I was pretty sure that she didn`t know how to cook. She looked at me and raised her shoulders while she put on a shy smile. I continued watching her amused. She started to search for pans. It was obvious that she had never cooked in her kitchen before or in any kitchen. She was searching all over her kitchen for pans, knifes and cutting boards.

She was standing relatively helpless in front of the kitchen counter. When she took a big breath in I could hear myself say “Shall I help you?” She broke out in loud and warm laughter and immediately took the offer. Her laughter was infectious. It was a carefree, heartfelt laughter. She was laughing with all of her heart. She laughed so hard, that she teared up. I knew exactly what I wanted to cook with all that. She could cut the fruit for the fruit salad that we would have for dessert while I would be doing the potato gratin with herbed salmon.

I sorted the grocery exactly that way in front of the cutting boards and started to cut. I had to smile several times when I saw how unskilled she was cutting the fruits. She had an extra cutter for the pineapple as well as for the apple. She obviously had never been into a kitchen before. This showed me that she wasn`t from here, because most people from here wouldn`t be able to eat out breakfast, lunch and dinner. What was she working with? She barely leaves the house so it must be something she can do from home. She had cut all fruits and filled them in the bowl. I will put some lemon juice over them so that the banana and the apples won`t turn brown. As if I was at home I went to the fridge and got a lemon, cut it in half and juiced them over the other fruits. She was looking at me fascinated while I was cooking. Somehow it made me feel uncomfortable but for me this was not a big thing doing compared to a person who had never been in a kitchen. She started to set the table while I was taking care of the salmon. In between I had explained her something after I had seen her confused look, which was kind of cute. She asked if I wanted to have some wine, but added at the same time, that she didn`t knew much about wine, but that she still had a bottle. I wondered if she meant the bottle that I had given to her on one of the Tuesdays. I said yes to the wine and when she came back with the bottle I saw that it was the wine I had given to her in one of the baskets. While I continued to cook I noticed how she was observing me, but at the same time she looked totally lost in her thoughts. Her gaze was distant but at the same time it was fixed on my person.

But as she was completely lost in her thoughts, she didn`t notice that dinner was ready and that I had already served it. I poured the wine into the glasses and gave her a sign to sit down. I must have dragged her completely out of her thoughts. She apologizes and tried to explain herself, but she didn`t had to because I helped her out first.

She seemed to loosen up. We sat down and started eating. I could tell by the look of her face that she liked the food and her sounds proofed it too. I was relieved that she liked it because to be honest I do not cook that often.

Suddenly I asked the question, that I had been on my mind since she started to put the groceries out of the fridge. “You have never cooked before, right?”

She smiled at me her beautiful smile and started to laugh with all of her heart, again.

I liked that she was so ful of joy and light hearted and at the same time she could be so contemplative. Maybe, as she is opening up now, I will get to know her secret, the thing that makes her so sad, that she suddenly turns silent. But right now all I want to know is what made her move here. But on the other hand did I escape to this area of the city as well.

Escape was the right word for my house moving. It was a decision that I took in a day, a stomach feeling. All of my friends judged and laughed about my decision. `You can`t decide something big like this this way. You need to think it through. Calculate it through and not just jump into it, call of your job, sell your apartment including your furniture, pack your things and move to the end of the city, in a suburb where nobody of them would ever set a foot, you can`t just decide it that way.`

I didn`t care. I did it anyways. I was sure that I would find new friends, if they wouldn`t accept my decision and rather make fun of it. If they weren`t able to accept it they weren`t real friends anyways.

But right now I enjoyed my time with a person who still knows what pure joy is, who could feel it with all of her heart and who could show her feelings openly. Someone who didn`t hide her feelings because society wished so.
Something is special about her but I can`t tell yet. I simply can`t find words to describe it.

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