Friday, December 18, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 23

I did remain silent after the last information I had gotten from her. I knew that she had a list. A list that I once had myself. But I never started to cross the things off my bucket list, I procrastinated it as I had found something to substitute it with. She obviously just lacked the courage. Her motivation was high and I knew I had the courage. These were perfect preconditions to make a plan together. And we would make this plan together the next day at the beach, where we would compare our bucket lists.

This was what we had agreed on before I went home. It was late and I didn`t wanted her to get a wrong impression. It had been a great night, I did had so much fun had laughed so much. I can`t remember the last time I did had so much fun. She stood up to bring her beer bottle back into the kitchen and I followed her.

“It is late, I should better leave now.” I had both hands in my pockets und my shoulders raised. I didn`t know if this was the right moment, but staying could have been wrong too. I thanked her for the invitation, “It was a nice evening. I am seeing you tomorrow at the beach” I said once again as a goodbye. The moment I wanted to turn around and leave she came towards me and gave me a hug. I was surprised. It was on a friendly basis that was clear to me, but I wasn`t prepared for it. I hugged her as well and then left. Once I was at the door I turned around to look at her for one more time and then left for the night.

On the way back home I thought about my bucket list. I had to write it down once I got home. I wanted to make this plan happen with Emma. I didn`t just want to have my plan I wanted to have our plan. She was special that was clear, but what exactly it was about her I couldn`t tell yet. I was able to be silent with her as when I was on the water, at the same time I could be loud with her. She was normal even though she came from the other end of the city. She had her problems but didn`t hide them, she stood up to them. She had shown strength and courage by escaping from that society, by doing what she felt was right. Everything was new to her, she had lived her whole life in a world that most people didn`t even know existed. The world she is in now is totally new to her and she had to manage in her alone so far. This made her feel insecure, but instead of hiding it she showed it openly. Not just I leave an impression on her but she also left an impression on me.

Once I came home after a few minutes of walking I set immediately down to write on my bucket list. I didn`t need long to do so because I had gone through it in my head for the past three years. I put the sheet to my things for tomorrow and then went to bed.

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