Monday, December 28, 2015

Something Special for you! Chapter 25

Before I went to the beach, I took a last look at my bucket list. I didn`t sort it in any particular way. I couldn`t. I knew I want to do these things and I am sure they will all give me something. But I couldn`t tell which would give me the most, so I gave them all the same priority.

First thing I had written down is travelling. This point doesn`t require destinations abroad. I just want away. I want to see a different part of the country. A different piece of land. I was never able to travel. When I was in school my parents didn’t had the money, they always said they have to keep it together, to save it for my education. I had to work hard during school, because I had nobody at home who was able to help me with any of the schoolwork. The things I didn`t understood in classes I had to learn all by myself during the afternoons. The last year of high school I started a part time job in the company I later worked for. I had to take this job as I needed the money since my Dad had lost all of our saved money with speculations. And of course it wasn`t his fault. It was the consultants fault. At least my dad thought so. I wasn`t angry at my Dad about it, but he was angry at me for becoming one of these “criminals” and this made me break with my family. I did work and work and I had never the time to travel. Once I had a free day or week it didn`t came to my mind to travel, because what would I do on my own somewhere where I do not know my way around, where I do not know a single person? Maybe the way my colleagues spend their vacation?- Hooking up hot women in bikinis?

That wasn`t my thing. So I did use the time to destress. The last years I didn`t even took any vacation days. So this was how travelling ended up on my list. Getting to know new places and their traditions and values. Not just hanging around at the beach, getting a sunburn while drinking a cocktail. I want to learn. I want to get to know something new. This is exactly how I will explain it for Emma if she would ask.

The next point is to do some charity. If it will be helping out at the soup kitchen for the homeless or building an orphan home. I want to give something back to the world. Even if I didn`t always had easy times, but I was always save and I did never miss anything. Later on it actually went pretty well for me. If I did miss something it was my own mistake because I didn`t took care of myself. I got lost in my work. Maybe I could thank god for being so lucky by helping other people.

The next point fit perfect the point of travelling. I want to go hiking. I do not exactly know why, but I had never done it before and I think it will give me the silence I need. All of these points will hopefully help me to get to my last point. I want to find the good and beauty in everything. If it is just a breathtaking viewpoint or a special sunset. No matter what it will be I want to find it.

I didn`t wrote down the last point. I am a human person as everyone else but I really didn`t need to write down that I want to find true love. This will happen when it happens. When this spark, this connection I want will be there. This is nothing I can influence and because of this it doesn`t belong on the list. I put the list into my pocket and then made my way down to the beach. I would probably be there before Emma but that was nothing to worry about. It was actually pretty convenient. This will give me the possibility to ask Kim if she will have some more time during the next weeks. I also will need to talk to Alf depending on how our plan is going to look like in the end. Kim is probably going to start an investigation on what was going on. She is always that curious. I will need to make a plan to not go into any of her traps.

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