Monday, December 7, 2015

Stressless Christmas Gift shopping!

Hi everyone!

Christmas is right around the corner. To be honest it is my favourite time of the year. All this beautiful christmas smells (cinnamon, oranges) I just love it.
What I never loved was all the people around me worrying about gift shopping, stressing until the last day. I was luckily never one of these people and I thought why should you? Shouldn`t you be enjoying all this? So I thought I share how my christmas gift planning and buying process is going on.
First things first you need to know how you will have to buy gifts for and that is

#1 Make a list of the persons you need to buy gifts for.
I usually start doing this right after christmas because I am having around 20 people I am gifting each year, so that would be about 1 to 2 gifts per month. Thinking of what money you are having as a student buying one gift per month is for me the best option to stay in my monthly budget.
Once you have the list of the people you are gifting (and I really recommend writing every single name down) I go on to step

#2 Making gift ideas. Now I usually sit down and thing person by person
What am I willing to spend?
What might this person be wishing for?
How can I keep it in my budget?
After considering these three questions you might already have a gift idea that you can write behind the persons name. Now onto step

#3 The actual part of buying gifts. So I usually keep this list with the names and ideas somewhere in my bag so that when I am out in the city I take it out and have a quick look at it. If I see something that could be a great gift and it is in my monthly budget I buy it. Back home I pack it with a nametag on and cross it of my list.

Now this usually helps me with not stressing about having to buy gifts one day before christmas. Now as you read this we are already in december and christmas is just 17 days away so these steps might not apply for this year, but maybe for the next.
What you can do to not stress about it this year is:

#1 Sit down with a cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee and make a list of people you need to buy gifts for.

#2 Make gift ideas, consider the questions I mention above for each and every person.

#3 is different from point three above but so helpful. With your gift ideas you might also have an idea in which stores you will get the specific gifts, so write that behind the gift.

#4 After the list is detailed ready think of when and in which order to visit these stores. Take your list with you and cross off every gift you buy so that you are having control over it.

I hope this tips helps you a bit to make it a less stressful time and to enjoy it.


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  1. Great post! I'm a fan of online shopping when it comes to stuff like dvds etc. That's the easiest way. But I love to go in a shop some weeks before Christmas as well because I always see something cute I can add to a present. :) But to be honest I don't have 20 people on my list, so it's much easier for me than for you, I guess. :)