Friday, January 22, 2016

Get to know me Tag!

Hi everyone!

Since my original "About me/About this blog" post is not giving too much away I thought why not jump on the wagon with all these Tags so that you can get to know me?!
So today I am starting with the Get to know me Tag. During the next week you might see some other Tags (let me know in the comments which ones you would prefer to see).
Lets get started.

1. What is your Name? - Nadja

2. What is your Nickname? - I do not like Nicknames, but some friends call me Nadl or Naddi.

3. When is your Birthday? - 17th June 1989

4. What is your Zodiacsign? - Gemini

5. What is your Occupation? - I am a lawstudent. I already have a degree in Tourismmanagement though.

6. What is your hair colour? - my natural hair colour is an ashy brown, but I go with ombre hair for now. Loving the blonde.

7. What is your hair length? - right now it is like a medium bob (it changes a lot)

8. What is your eyecolour? - some say brown some say green some might even say grey. I say they are green.

9. What is your best feature? - I would say my eyes but I leave that up to other people to judge.

10. Do you have braces? - not any longer, happily done with that chapter.

11. Do you have piercings? - I have my ears pierced and a helix one on the left.

12. Do you have tattoos? - Yes I have five tattoos.

13. Righty or lefty? - Righty

14. First best friend? - still best friends but I won`t Name her ;)

15. First award? - I actually can`t remember that one well. It was either a fourth place in a riding competition or it was in a swimming competition. But I really can`t remember which one was first.

16. First sport? - Rhytmical gymnastics (I think I started with 4 or 5).

17. First real holiday? - first real holiday with my mom was when I was three in Italy. First real Holiday on my own was Stockholm when I was 19.

18. First Concert? - Gavin DeGraw I think. It was at least the first one I can remember.

19. Favourite Film? - The Blind Side. But I actually have more favourite films than just this one. The list is long.

20. Favourite TV Show? - Is und will always be ONE TREE HILL.

21. Favourite Colour? - Black is no colour so I have to go with blue. It would be easier to ask which colours I don`t like though.

22. Favourite Song? - I actually have two I am constantly listening to for over 10 years now or nearly 10 years. First one is I don`t want to be by Gavin DeGraw the second ist Come on by Ben Jelen

23. Favourite Restaurant? - We have a really great Thai Restaurant close to us. I actually never looked at the name.

24. Favourite Store? - I am this person who doesn`t likes shopping in Stores but I love Lindex and Cubus.

25. Favourite Book? - The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

26. Favourite Magazine? - If I would read magazines....

27. Favourite Shoes? - I love my Lacoste Sneakers.

28. I am currently feeling exhausted.

29. I am currently single.

30. I am currently eating nothing. But I will have Lasagne later.

31. I am currently listening to Hozier.

32. I am currently thinking about how I will pass my exams in three weeks.

33. I am currently watching Ghost whisperer.

34. I am currently wearing runners thights and a blue shirt.

35. Do you want children in the future? - Yes

36. Do you want to get married? - Yes

37. What careers do you have in mind? - before I started law school I wanted to work in Tourism planning that was my dream making destinations as attractive for tourists as possible but at the same time make it as sustainable as possible. Now if I pass law school I would say I want to become a lawyer but come one I am in my first semester.

38. Where do you want to live? - It got to be Norway, Sweden, Iceland or Ireland.

39. Do you believe in God? - I believe in Something if it is God, who knows.

40. Do you believe in miracles? - Somehow.

41. Do you believe in Love at first sight? - No.

42. Do you believe in Ghosts? - No.

43. Do you believe in Soul Mates? - Yes.

44. Do you believe in Heaven? - In combination with the next question no.

45. Do you believe in Hell? - Yes.

46. Do you believe in kissing on the first date? - It depends.

47. Do you believe in yourself? - I am very self critical so it really depends.

So these were some facts about me. I hope you feel like knowing me a bit better now.
Let me know which Tags you would like to see during the next weeks in the comments below.
See you soon.



  1. I should do that tag as well. :)
    5 tattoos? Wow, I didn't know that. I thought about getting one but it was never something I wanted really much. That's why I never got one.

  2. You should Jenny. I would love that post for sure.
    Yes 5. Not many know that fact as they are nearly all covered up ;)