Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year! - New Years Resolutions and Reflecting on 2015

Hi everyone!

First of all I need to wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope you had a great start into 2016.

After reading all this posts on New Years Resolutions or Reflecting on 2015 I thought I might do this a different way.
This will be about reflecting on 2015 but on reflecting what happened in the past anyway. This will be about resolutions but not really New Years Resolutions. This will just be me telling you what I think about all that.

I think we all know the feeling of saying things we want to change with the beginning of a new year. And we all know how disappointed we be when we don`t achieve that.
I learned in the past year that it is okay to have goals but also that we shouldn`t stress about them. Make a plan yes, maybe, but for somethings I think it is easier to start right away. I know for sure that there will or can always be things that come into our way destroying our plans.
Getting diagnosed with several chronic illnesses January 2015 was for sure not a plan or goal of mine, but it happened. Feeling unwell and sick has teached me so much last year although it is not a good thing, but learning from it for life definetly is a good thing.
So when I say start right away I mean do it. Don`t talk about just do what you can everyday. If becoming a better person in 2016 is a plan of years and you already made this point in December 2015 why didn`t you start right away? I mean this is nothing which is bound to a special year. Do what you can each and every single day. Even a smiling a person that you do not know can change their day. So why wait for 2016? So that you can wake up January 1st totally hungover progastinating this point for that day and then completely forgetting it on the 2nd?

For instance one of my all time goals since I am sick is to become healthier and fitter, to loose weight and tone up.
So with that said I decided in December to no matter what join the Tone it up Challenge in January, which is an 8 Week Fitness Challenge. Since I am having a cold since October I really cut down on working out and miss it but health comes first. And of course I was worried I wouldn`t get this cold away by the start of the challenge which I of course haven`t (yes I am still having it). But once I had decided on doing the challenge I immediately cut back on sweets and mostly carbs, but also on things like mayonnaise to not miss it too much during the Challenge. So even if I do not work out now, but I follow the Challenge by following the Nutrition Plan, by eating healthy and cutting down my portion sizes again. I still do not work out, but I will make up for it as soon as I feel better again.

So as you can see as soon as I set my mind on it I started to work towards it every single day as good as I could. Because I knew the struggle would be harder just jumping into it.

So if you are smoker and you want to stop smoking as a new years resolution and you have already quit that resolution by now. Maybe think of that you can still reach that goal by just cutting it down. Maybe smoke one cigarette less than yesterday, just gradually change it the way you can.
It is what I did with my candy addiction.

All I say is. Don`t make these goals just to get disappointed by not reaching them. Stay realistic work on it every single day as good as you can. If you have a throwback now worries. Just get back into it. It is normal. Make yourself matter, without any pressure. I know there are people that might tell you "well wasn`t your goal to loose weight this year?"- yes and it still is but change isn`t happening in one day. It is a process and we will all get there.

So with that said. Don`t stress, take one step at a time and believe in yourself. Be happy, Love your life. It is way to short to worry about what you could have done. Just go for it when you feel for it. And stop regretting.


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