Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Manhatten Soft Rouge Lipsticks!

Hi everyone!
Today I want to show you some of my new favourite Drugstore Lipstick, the Manhattan Soft Rouge Lipsticks.
I found these the other day at the store for 3,49€ which I found to be a super price considering that the maybelline and l`oreal lipsticks are all double the price and not more product, so why not give these a try I thought. I first bought one and then went back into the store a few days later to buy three more shades (one for my mom).
I have to say with this product you get no empty promises. The creamy texture reminds me of a lipbalm and keeps my lips moisturized all day. The colour payoff is great, I do though as usual apply two coats. The colour range depends on the store but they have quiet a lot of colours.
For me I have bought the shades 410 Soft Coral, 140 Nude Apricot and 650 Ra-Ra-Raspberry.
They are longlasting but not as longlasting as a high end one you definetly need to reapply them after drinking and eating. There is still product on but more of a shiny stain not a real lipcolour. The shine it gives you is definetly not wearing off.

410 Soft Coral is the perfect shade for me. Not too strong for my taste but it gives you a beautful colour on the lips. Usually I wouldn`t wear corals during fall or winter, but this one is so light and soft that it is wearable during the upcoming seasons as well.

140 Nude Apricot as some of you might know I rather like to have no lipstick on than wearing a nude. I do not like brownish nudes because they come off pretty red on my lips and the pinky nudes usually wear me off, I look totally sick wearing them. With this one I was actually surprised, the apricot undertone is wonderful and makes it for me so wearable, it is similar to the soft coral just much lighter and less orangy. It is definetly an every day lipstick and the colour payoff is again pretty good.

650 Ra-Ra-Raspberry (I love this name) is a berry nearly plumy shade just not as strong I would say. I love this for fall. It is beautiful with my NYX lippencil in Plum but also great on its own. I think this will become my fall/winter go to lipstick.

For my mom I bought the shade 260 Chai latte which is a beautiful brownish nude, definetly great if you are having a lot of redness in you skin which she does and it looks really great on her and has the same benefits as the other ones, it is just not a colour that suits me.

I will show you the swatches of the four shades I choose (three for me one for my mom) on my arm in the picture below.

So left to right we got the 260 Chai latte first, then we have the 410 Soft Coral, then the 650 Ra-Ra-Raspberry and last the 140 Nude Apricot.

So as you can see the Nude Apricot is a bit lighter than the soft coral but has a similar undertone just a bit more rose than coral I find.

What would your go to shades be? Let me know in the comments below and I hope you enjoyed this post.



  1. I loooooove ra ra raspberry! Maybe I need one of the other shades. :D