Friday, January 1, 2016

Something special for you! Chapter 26

I did sleep well but I woke up early anyways. I went straight down into the kitchen to write my list. I decided to simply start writing. I was sure that I wasn`t able to sort in a better way than it would come to my mind. So I started.

Concerts and by concerts I mean rock concerts. Concerts that where a local band plays in some small dark and dusty local club or pub. So far I have only been to classic concerts, rock music was nothing for my family. But once you listen to the music on my Ipod you for sure now that music has nothing to do with the social class you belong to or which gender you are. Music was individual for everyone.

I had to think of Scott when I wrote down the second point of the list. Surfing. I wanted to learn surfing. I am sure he would like this point. I always wanted to learn how to surf. I already have this wish since I am a teenager. Surfer always look as free as birds. They seem to be completely by themselves such as people who practice yoga. On the other hand they seem to be total adrenaline junkies because you could never know what to expect at least I thought you could never know what to expect. After all Mother Nature is unpredictable.
As much as I wanted to learn how to Surf I wanted to try stand up paddleboarding. It seemed less dangerous and adventurous as surfing but it seemed relaxing and calming and by this was a perfect alternative to surfing if I wouldn`t like it.

Since I already started with the water sports I simply continued with them. Next point on my list was white water rafting. It was something I was scared of, but we could do it together and the thought of doing it together made it so much less scary.

I wrote down skydiving. Once I had written it down I canceled the word again, because I was afraid of the height. I had fallen down the diving tower as a child and since then I avoided everything that was high.
I went over to the next point. Hiking. Something I already wanted to do as a child as well. Since it included getting dirty and not looking perfect it never came up in my family. To that point I wrote camping because this as well was never a topic in my family. I would never go camping on my own. It is simply to dangerous but together with Scott I could do it. Another thing I always wanted to do was to visit a national park. I never spend much time in the nature and I wanted to see and enjoy the beauty of nature in its most untouched form. Once I had written down this point it came to my mind that I had never been to a Tivoli so I wrote down this point as well. These colorful lights and the joy people experienced always fascinated me. I also wanted to give something back to the world. My parents donated the usual when they went to charity dinners but they never got involved personally. They never controlled if the money arrived at the right people. They simply did their social duty. I wanted to make up for what my parents missed. I wanted to give something back personally, say thank you for the luck I had and share it.

My last point was the biggest point of all. A ROADTRIP. I just wanted to drive around. Get to know new places. Stay at the places I liked. Get to know places you do not find on your usual travels. In addition to all that I was sure that a Roadtrip would make the points mentioned above complete.

There was one point I decided on not writing it down. I had never been in love so far but this point didn`t belong on this list. This point would be in my thoughts and in my heart until the time was right. I folded my list. Then I went to take a shower. I decided to blow dry my hair before I had to make a decision on what to wear. I decided on wearing a bikini. He had seen my one scar anyway why not show him the other scar as well? I mean after all I was going to the beach. I put on my favorite shorts and a white loose top. I put the list in my bag took Balu on the leash and went with him down to the beach. I couldn`t wait to make this plan. To make this plan with Scott. This plan that would make all my dreams and wishes come true.

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