Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Something special for you! Chapter 27

Once I came to the beach I noticed that Scott was already there. Balu was running towards him and Scott immediately started to play with him until I reached them.

“Did you already had breakfast?” Scott asked me looking up to me while still playing with Balu. I shaked my head. “Okay wait here. Just for a second, I will be right back.” Scott ran towards the kiosk while I sat down in the sand together with Balu. After a few Minutes Scott came back with breakfast. He didn`t just brought breakfast for us. He got Balu something as well.

We were sitting beside each other unwrapping our breakfast. Before we started to eat Scott took his list out of his pocket and I did the same.
“Why don`t you read mine before I read yours?” Scott asked me and passed me his list. I passed him mine so that we both could read the others list while eating.

His list is short, but one point seems to be a bigger one. I am sure it will take us some time. I have two of his points on my list as well. He is probably thinking I am spoiled as my list is so long, but the goal was to find yourself and this was something everyone does in a different way. The way I got to know Scott I am sure he won`t judge me anyway, but I still have this feeling of being constantly judged in my head. After all this years it will take some time until I will stop caring and thinking about it.

What I didn`t know was what Scott was thinking while reading my list. That there was one point on my list that caught Scotts eye immediately. Surfing. Once he read it he knew that this point would be already done today, but he continued reading before he said something. My list was longer than his but he immediately noticed that he wanted to try and experience some of the things I had written down as well. He had already tried and experienced some of the points, but he could imagine to do them again. Another thing he noticed reading my list was that my wish for a Roadtrip and his wish for travelling would connect perfectly. All this was something we would talk about in detail later that day.

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