Monday, January 11, 2016

Something special for you! Chapter 28

She had finished her breakfast. I looked at her with her list in my hand. Looking back and forth between the list and her before I determined and with her list waving in my hand said “We can already do one of these points today.”

I expected her to look more surprised, but obviously she already knew what we would be doing today. I didn`t know that she was sure that she would learn how to surf today.

“Okay, then teach me how to surf” she said determined and with anticipation. I could see how determined she was. So far I didn`t know anything about her unbounded ambition and perfectionism.

“Okay, then we will start with this and talk about the rest of the plan later during dinner?” It was a rhetorical question but Emma nodded her head in agreement anyways. We walked into the direction of the kiosk to get my surfboard. When I wanted to leave the area of the kiosk Emma just kept standing by the kiosk. I understood fast. “I assume you do not want to be seen while doing your first steps?” She nodded her head a little bit embarrassed while making her point clear with her hands on her waist. She did seem sure about not making herself look ridiculous in public. Good everybody had to do these steps when they learned it but she didn`t want to be seen by doing so. It already seemed to be embarrassing enough for her that I might see her fall or fail. She really did need to learn to relax more and care less about things she couldn`t change anyway. So we stayed behind the kiosk. Before we started I asked her completely out of nowhere if she could swim. This question was complete unnecessary. Did I really think that she couldn`t swim?

“Yes, I can swim” why did she sounded unsure? Why did she bite her lip after she answered? I looked at her skeptical but still smiling. Maybe I was skeptical because of her cooking skills from last night. I mean she seemed so self-conscious when she invited me for dinner and then proofed me that she had never cooked before.

“Do I have to proof it to you?” she asked while taking of her top and her shorts standing in a bikini right in front of me. She didn`t seem to care any longer about me seeing her scar. What I didn`t knew was that she had started to accept her scars and that she was sure that they would get lighter with time. I had to look at her scar but tried to focus my view on her face again, smiling at her. I was sure that she had seen how I had to swallow.

I didn`t know a thing about what went on in her head right now.

I haven`t told him about the accident yet. I should tell him about it. One day I will have to tell him about it, but it is not the right time to do so right now.

“You don`t have to proof anything to me, it would just be good if you wouldn`t drown once we are going into the water” my smile was provoking once I said it and she immediately started to laugh. I had this gift to make the best out of the worst and most uncomfortable situations. We both did laugh for a while before we started practicing. Balu had found himself a nice spot in the cool kiosk. I first showed her how to paddle. She let me know how stupid she felt during these dry exercises. Especially when she was lying on her stomach on the board paddling, but this was a step of the learning process. Without paddling no surfing. Luckily I released her from this exercise really fast. Once I saw that she knew what she had to do I showed her how to stand up on the board. I showed her how to pop up and where and how her feet had to stand. It was obviously that she thought that me doing it looked way easier than it was. She had lost her balance twice and was close to falling but I did catch her in time. And I again I didn`t know a thing about what went on in her head.

This looks all easier than it is. I need way more body tension than I thought. Well I will just have to try harder.

It was obvious that she tried her best. That she forced herself to push through and quicker than I thought she knew where her hands had to be to push herself up and how to push herself up. She knew where her feet have to stand, how to keep her knees bend at first and then slowly raise up, every muscle in her legs and her abs working and still flexible.

Now I know why surfer are always that well trained. This whole thing is harder than thought and than I would have ever expected.

She obviously didn`t notice how fascinated I was by her ambitiousness and her strength to keep going until she was able to do it. I was sure that she was ready to try it on the water. It would also give a cool break. By now the sun was burning and it had become really hot. I had also taken off my shirt by now. Nothing was more uncomfortable than to sweat your shirt full when you were at the beach.
“Do you want to try it in the water now?” I could see the spark in her eyes. She was jumping up and down of pure excitement.

I had never thought that I was already that far. Considering how careful he was so far I was sure that he wouldn`t let me try it in the water if he would think I wasn`t ready for it.

We went into the water. During her first trys she was lying in the water faster than she was able to look and think, but instead of giving up she laughed about herself and tried it again. And after a short time it worked and she was able to stand on the board. She did it over and over again and she enjoyed it. Obviously there were only tiny waves, that were just bringing her back to the beach and she was far away from being able to control where she was going but that was normal. She was taking her first steps and she did seem to love this feeling.

Another feeling that she didn`t seem to enjoy was her empty stomach. Time had flown by and it was already afternoon. Even if there was adrenaline rushing through her veins and she couldn`t get enough of it, she was exhausted and hungry. We went out of the water. She did seem to be freezing, she made herself as small as she could, rubbing her hands up and down her arms, running in place. I could see how cold she was feeling so I ran and grabbed her a towel. I put it around her shoulders and hold her for a while. I went with her into the sun and set down. Balu came running from the kiosk and laid himself down on her feet to warm her.
“I will go and grab us something warm to drink and eat” I said and came back with a warm tea, two bottles of water and sandwiches from the kiosk after a few minutes. Emma was warming herself up on the tea and enjoyed the sandwich while she was enjoying her view on the ocean and the sun reflecting in it.

It would take some time for her to dry but she had snuggled herself up in the towel and didn`t seem to freeze that much any longer. This silence of the ocean let us calm down too. We both enjoyed the view, saying nothing. Once her bikini was dry she stood up taking on her clothes. I gave her my sweatshirt as she was still feeling cold. I was feeling fine in my t-shirt. We were sitting like this at the beach for another two hours until the sun started to set.

“Shall we order some food? I know some really good delivery services,” she asked with a big smile on her face.

“I am in on it if we are working on the plan while we are waiting” I said. Emma agreed and we started to make our way to her house.

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