Friday, January 15, 2016

Something special for you! Chapter 29

She didn`t just knew one delivery service but all of the delivery services in this area. She had sorted the flyers really well. First after culinary field, Italian kitchen, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Indian and what else there was. Then they seemed to be sorted after personal preferences. She left the choice to me and so I was sitting there with a bunch of flyer. I decided to take the top flyers from each staple, as she had explained that those were the best from their category. The flyer from the Chinese restaurant told me that she ordered from there more often than from the others. It looked more used than the others.

“I decided on Chinese” I said and looked at Emma. She was searching for her Notebook, as well as some Paper and a pen.

“Okay just order something from the things that have already been marked for me and the Mini-Springrolls and then whatever you want to have”, she said taking her focus away from the magazine staple where she obviously hoped to find some paper and send me a smile.

While I was ordering the food she had found what she was looking for and had set it on the table. She had already started to write down the points our lists had in common. Hiking. Travelling. Doing good.
“The food will take about forty minutes” I said.

“Okay I have already started to write down the things we both want to do and I think we could combine them very well with the other points such as hiking in the National Park or the Mountains.”

“Hmm, we could also combine everything with a Roadtrip” I heared myself saying and saw her eyes sparkle again.

“Yes, we could look up where we want to go. Balu would have to come with us and we would have to think about how we are doing all this with him, of course. But the thought of combing everything with a Roadtrip had come to my mind as well.”

“We wouldn`t have to stop a different place every single day. We could stay everywhere for a week or longer. We could first go to a place where there is a Tivoli as well as a concert. Then we could go to a National Park to calm down a bit again. Then we could make our way to the mountains to go hiking. We could combine that with the camping point as well. Do you get what I mean? Nobody rushes us. We can take our time. We don`t need to do it in a hurry. We have the time to plan everything when it comes to the places we are going to. We can also stay spontaneous about when we are leaving. How long we are staying. If we like a place we stay. If we don`t like it we leave. And Balu is with us wherever we go. You don`t have to worry about him.”

He really has a good plan. I wouldn`t have thought that he had already thought about it that much. That he had thought it through. His words made me calm down. They made me feel safe. They made me sure that everything will work out fine.

Someone rang the doorbell and I jumped up as fast as I could opening the door and taking the order. I paid and gave the delivery guy a tip. He thanked me several times before he left.

“Who shall eat all of this?” I wondered as I was unpacking the bag putting everything on the kitchen counter.

“Just put everything on the table and we both take what we want” she said. She had obviously always ordered several dishes and by that tasted nearly half of the dishes on the menu. She has probably kept the leftovers for the next days as these portions were way to big to eat them on your own.

She went and got some plates and flatware. She set water as well as beer on the table. She got several spoons for the different dishes, so that we could pick from whatever we want to try. She took from my dish. I took from her dish.

“How did you manage to eat yourself through half of the menu in just a few weeks?” I asked her smiling.

“I just ordered 2-3 dishes at once and then tried from every single one of them. I warmed them up again the next day.” She explained. “Since we are two now we have a real chance on making it through the whole menu” she added smirking.

We both laughed. While we had dinner we talked about our plan. How we would do it. Where our Roadtrip would lead us. National Park. Mountains. Lakes. All the places where we were able to do the activities that are on our lists.

After we were done eating and cleaning up we sat down together on the couch in the livingroom. We started to do our research with the help of her notebook. She started searching for smalltowns that were having Tivolis right now or would have them in the near future. Emma took notes while was searching. Mostly I took her orders on what to search for. Once we had found some towns we were looking which ones would offer concerts at the same time to narrow it down. At the end there were still five on our list. We were looking at each other. Thinking. Then she came up with an idea. “Can you search for private holiday rentals a little bit outside or away from the center of these towns?” This was the right idea. While doing so we came across the perfect cabin in the woods and by that the city we would be going to. Our first stop was for sure this one. Emma wrote down the contact. We would call them tomorrow and rent the cabin.

After that we started to search for National Parks that weren`t too far away from that town. And we found one very fast. So we looked up cabins close to the park and wrote the contacts down. The Park was perfect. The offered a climbing park. Since Emma crossed sky diving from her list I would simply talk her into climbing.

From the map we could see that the mountains weren`t too far away from the National Park. So we were looking in that direction for a place to stay. A Cabin. Hiking trails and camping possibilities. We wrote everything down including the routes.

The last stop we planned was on a lake. In a lonely cabin. There we could try stand up paddleboarding. We still would have to find out where we could do the white water rafting, but the plan stood.

We both looked at the plan. Surprised about how how fast and good we had worked it out.

“We still need to make a list…” we both started the sentence and Emma finished it “about the things we need for the trip.”

“Okay,” I said, continuing “what about: a tent, a camping mat, a bedroll, a hiking backpack, hiking shoes…”

“Wait I can`t write that fast” Emma interrupted me. She had just come to bedroll so far. So I continued less fast.

“Snacks for the Drive. … Some travel essentials for Balu. … Especially food and a bed for him. … A travel pharmacy. …”

Emma did interrupt me again saying “First of all we need a car.” I had to laugh immediately. “I already have a car. We can take my truck. There is enough place for Balu in the backseat. And we can put the other stuff on the truck bed under the cover.”

“Well then…we are all fine” she said clearly relieved.

We kept writing on that list for a while before we noticed that it was already past midnight.

“Maybe we should call it a night” I said looking at the clock.

“Yes it was a long day” Emma said yawning. “But maybe we could meet tomorrow to buy some of the things on the list.”

“Yes. Sure. We should also call because of the cabin.” Emma did agree. We would have to do enough tomorrow But for now we called it a night and said goodbye to each other. We had a long day ahead of us and needed to rest.

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