Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Something special for you! Chapter 30

The moment I woke up I realized that Scott and I haven`t agreed on what time we would meet up. Suddenly I hear someone knocking at the backdoor. I was still just in my shirt with absolutely no makeup and crazy hair. I had just come far enough to brush my teeth. Nevertheless I went downstairs to look who it was. Once I saw that it was Scott with warm tea and breakfast I opened up the door.

“Excuse me, I….I…we haven`t talked about a specific time and I…I” I tried to explain pulling my shirt down on my legs as good as I could.

“You just woke up?” he concluded asking. He was smiling all over his face as usual when I tried to explain the obvious.

I nodded “I…I better go upstairs and get dressed” I stutter and make my way through the living room upstairs.
Meanwhile Balu had gone downstairs to greet Scott. He went back and forth between backdoor and Scott. So Scott had opened the backdoor and let him into the backyard. Shortly after he came back in disappearing in the direction of the living room.

I had set the table while I was waiting for Emma. She came back after about ten minutes and was looking as perfect as any other day. At least that is what I am thinking. I was surprised, she wasn`t wearing any makeup and I nearly didn`t notice it. She nearly looks the same. With makeup on her lashes were a bit fuller but they were incredible long and full on their own as well.

“Thank you for the breakfast” I said smiling.

“You are welcome” he replied.

We ate in silence. She didn`t seem to be a morning person so I let her be for a while.

“Before we are leaving I would have to go to the hospital” I said. Scott was looking at me astonished.

“I had an accident before I moved here and the final check-up would be on Friday, but we could leave right afterwards if you would like.” Scott was still not saying a word. He was just looking at me.

I didn`t expect that. Sure I had seen the scars and thought that something must had happened, but that it had happened recently… I would have never thought that.

“No worries. I am fine. Dr. Morrison is just more than careful” I tried to calm him down.

“Maybe I should call now because of the cabin?” I looked at him asking.

“Yes, sure. But maybe we should rather leave on Saturday then we don`t have to rush on Friday and you have enough time at the hospital.” He was really bossy in this moment. On the other hand he was right. By the time we would leave hospital it would be afternoon. We would be standing in the rush hour and everything would become stressful.

“Okay so I`ll book the cabin from Saturday. Is this still working with the Tivoli and the concerts?” Scott looked up grabbed my notebook and looked it up.

“Yes, it works. The Tivoli is starting on Sunday and there will be events for the whole week.”

“Good” I turned around went into the living room and made the call. After a few minutes I came back into the kitchen.

“I rent the cabin from Saturday on. We can stay as long as we want and pay when we leave.”

“That’s good, let us hope that we are having the same luck with the other cabins” Scott added.

Once we had cleaned up the kitchen, we concluded our shopping list. I went one more time into the garden with Balu. We would go for a real walk later tonight.

Then we drove into the Mall to get a tent, camping mats, bedrolls and hiking shoes.

“I would have never thought that there are so many different types of tents” I said amazed. Scott laughed quietly.

“So we have narrowed them down on the quality now we just have to figure out if we want to buy two single tents or the one tent with the two cabins or one big tent.”

“So I have to choose between sleeping all by myself in a tent, sleeping alone in one cabin of a tent or to sleep with you in a cabin?”

“Yes, you could say it that way too.”

“Okay, then we will just take all three” I said convinced. He looked at me skeptical and amused at the same time.

“Go ahead!” I nodded into the direction of the tents.

Scott packed all three versions. For the bedrolls Scott took the ones that they recommended us which was absolutely in my interests. We also agreed on the backpacks the sales assistant recommended. We bought two.

“No onto every womans favourite department” he teased me because we were on our way to buy shoes.
We immediately picked a sales assistant who showed Scott a pair right away. While Scott was busy trying on his pair the sales assistant came towards me.

“And for the Lady we have all of this in rose as well” he was scaling me up and down. What made him think that I would like to have rose colored shoes? I looked at him. I bet Scott could see that I was a bit irritated about that comment.

“If I walk with these rose shoes through mud which color would they become? Or do they stay rose?” I asked the sales assistend blinking with my eyes excessively.

I haven`t seen her like this before but it is definetly interesting.

“Brown?” the sales assistant replied asking.

“Okay, so then I`ll just take the brown ones right away, thank you” I said, smiling friendly. While the sales assistend went to get me the shoes in my size I said to Scott “Excuse me, but I really do not like if someone reduces me to my sex. And anyways, do I look like a Barbie?” When I said that I went up on my toes miming a ballerina.

“You are really good at it. You should have taken the rose ones” he teased me again. The shoes fit right away and were very comfortable, so they were bought.

We did bought some other things from the list. In the same mall we found a pet store where we bought everything we needed for Balu. After that we went to the pharmacy and brought everything we needed for our first-aid kid.
We would go the supermarket to buy snacks on Thursday. 

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