Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Something special for you! Chapter 31

We met the other days always down at the beach. On the one hand, I wanted to practice surfing more. On the other hand, we wanted to get to know each other better before our trip would start on Saturday. It would have never come to my mind to go on a roadtrip with a total stranger. After all, he could be a pervert and a serialkiller. Thinking about it, he looks less like a serial killer and more like a player. There was nothing speaking against player except that fact that he hadn`t made a move on me. Maybe I wasn`t his type. Maybe I have become fat again, as my dad always when I had eaten a bit more. To burn all the calories that I have eaten I had to keep up with hourlong personal trainings. At the end, I looked more like a skeleton than a woman. I did put an end to that. I still watched out to not become “fat” but in the hospital they made me gain weight so that I looked more like a woman than a child now. I was happy with that and I wanted to look exactly like that, maybe without the scars but they belonged to me now.
No maybe I just wasn`t his type. And I really wasn`t the type you just “pick up”.

“Did you already pack?” he interrupted my thoughts.

“Yes, mostly”, to be honest I hadn`t packed a thing because I absolutely didn`t know what to take with me. For sure I needed clothes, but what kind of clothes? I couldn`t run around in a top and shorts everywhere. That worked for the beach but not really for the city. Would I need a dress? I asked myself this question over and over again. I was so unsure about it. We would barely go out and if I didn`t want to make it look like a date. After all we were just friends. Friends and nothing else. On the other hand we could still be friends even when I was wearing a fancy dress. I was thinking too much again. I would just pack a bit from everything later today.

“Maybe we could buy the snacks and prepare everything on Friday? – I still have to arrange some things for the beachkiosk tomorrow.”

I have totally forgotten to ask Alf if he would do the paperwork for some weeks, I will have to do that tomorrow.

“Yes, sure. Then they are fresh” I agreed, but then I remembered “I have to go to the hospital on Friday, but we could do that when I am back.”

“Or I could drive you to the hospital and we drive to the city from there.”

That was a great idea and I agreed on it. I wouldn`t need to order a taxi and when we would drive from the hospital into the city it would save us about an hour.

There were only two days left and even when I was nervous as hell I was never that sure about something.
“I will go home now, packing. We`ll see each other on Friday morning” I called after Scott who was already on his way back into the water with his surfboard.

Then I left. Completely convinced and sure about this roadtrip becoming awesome, something special, I left the beach and went home.


  1. "Thinking about it, he looks less like a serial killer and more like a player." :D
    But who knows. :D Great to read the story again. :)

    1. Thank you! So good to know you are still enjoying it, considering you already read it once and you know what comes next...