Friday, January 29, 2016

Something special for you! Chapter 32

I picked her up on Friday morning as I promised. I did talk to Alf the day before and he promised me to take care of the kiosk for the time I would be away. Of course he didn`t believe that Emma was just a friend. He said he was seeing it in my face, my eyes. I ignored it. She was just a friend. There was nothing else up for discussion so far. Alf was right, she is beautiful and she radiated something special. I did notice that as well but we were just friends and it would stay this way.

She came with her bag from behind the house and went into the car without a saying word. I dropped her off in front of the hospital.

“I will just park the car and then wait for you in the cafè.” She nodded her head quickly and then disappeared into the hospital. I had never experienced her this quiet. It was a bit spooky. Nearly as if the Emma he got to know the past days wasn`t there at all. She didn`t talk at all and she was completely distant. She looked out of the window the whole way not even looking at me once. She didn`t even react on me. I would really like to know what was going on with her.

I did arrive at the hospital front desk and let them know that I was there for my appointment. They told me that Doctor Morrison was expecting me. I took some deep breaths before I went into his office. He examined me from head to toe before he set down at his desk.

“You are looking better. The therapy seems to work. Physically you are fine too so I would say we are done here.”

Should I tell him that I stopped going to therapy or should I better keep it to myself? Maybe he would insist on the control check-ups if I let him know. It we better to just keep that information too myself.

“Yes I also do feel a lot better” I said and put on my best smile. With this, this appointment was over. Doctor Morrison officially released me as a patient of the hospital.

I went to the station to look if Liz was there and I found her right away. We gave each other a warm hug.

“Then I did worry without any reason” Liz said when I told her that I wasn`t a patient of the hospital any longer.

“Yes you did. There is something else.” I handed Liz the key to my house. She was looking at me confused.

“I am going on a little roadtrip. With a friend and…well if you could take a look from time to time that everything is okay?”

“Yes sure. But who is this friend. Do you really know him well enough?” Liz was worried as usual. I did talk Liz into following me to the hospitalcafè.

“No worries Liz he is not a serial killer. He lives a few houses down my street and also moved there from the better end of the city.”

“Okay you know best what you are doing. But if there is anything you are going to call me, okay?” I knew that this wasn`t a question but a direct order. I just nodded. Then I gave Liz a big hug and went into the cafè to Scott.

`So he shall be just a friend` was what Liz thought when she saw us together. Then she went back to her station.

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