Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Depressions - Things you do not want to hear!

Hi everyone!

So today I am back again with a serious post. This is kind of a serious series for me as I just had to get it out there. So many people are dealing with these issues and I find that we all are suffering from the same problem. The problem of people not understanding.
And I figured that when you tell those people yourself what they are doing wrong they just fire back telling you that you are just trying to defend your own behaviour. So I hope it might help you showing these people that not just you are feeling this way and wishing for another kind of behaviour.

So talking depressions. If you know me you know I am a very happy person. But due to my thyroid issues and autoimmunity I can fall into depressions very quickly. For me these are the days I do not want to leave bed, I do not want to see sunlight, I do not want to move and I do not want to hear a single word. I just don`t. I feel exhausted and down and just not able to live. This is quickly said how it feels and I guess a lot of you can relate.

Now what you often get to hear and what absolutely isn`t helping.

#1 Pull yourself together
now this is by far the most heared and most hated one of mine. Do people actually think I like having depressions, do they think I decided on getting them and that I wanted them, that it is fun to have them? Sorry not helping!!!

#2 Just think of all the stuff you could do now
ever thought that that is the reason why I feel the way I feel, because I am absolutely overwhelmed by all the stuff, that my brain and body needs a rest? And don`t you think I hate that I know that this stuff is now laying there and waiting? I do not have this for fun or do this on purpose

#3 You are mentally ill
absolutely not helping and just stupid to say. I mean if you have the flu would you like to have people coming over to you and telling you "you have the flu thats just bacteria?" probably not.

#4 The doctor can help you, maybe you should call a therapist
Do you really think I wouldn`t have done that if that would really help me?

#5 There are better days ahead you just have to make it through this
How should this help me now?

Frankly said and my response to all if these are they are not helping. Some are just upsetting and putting us under even more pressure than we are already under. Some are just disrespectful and show how uneducated people can be. If you do not know how a person feels your questions should rather be "how can I help you?", "what can I do to make you feel better?", "what would you like to do?"
Don`t think of yourself and what you want us to do, this will not change how we feel, this will just make us like you a little bit less.
Of course we have people who support us and understand us, but usually there are people who don`t and I just wanted to show them with this post why we might have cut them out of our lives or why we get mad on their reactions and give them the chance to understand or help you to make them understand.
Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post and that this helps you a bit. If you have depressions or any questions feel free to leave me a comment and I will be happy to help you out and discuss it.


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