Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What was this about, again?

Hi everyone!

Today I want to go back to why I actually started this blog, what I wanted it to be about etc.

So today exactly one year ago I got diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. Half a year later I started this blog mainly to write about this chronical condition and how I live with it. Which products I use, what I eat, how I cook and what I enjoy doing.

So far this blog has little been about my condition. I haven`t let you know in detail how I feel, how this effects me and how this first year has been for me, how the years until I got diagnosed have been for me and how I feel right now.

I mainly didn`t talk about it because I wasn`t really able to put most of my feelings into words. I still can`t speak very well about it and I often can`t describe how I feel.
I think it is normal as I am still in the progress of getting used to it, to find the right medication and lifestyle for my condition.

I also didn`t put it out there yet as much as I wanted to as I was afraid. I was afraid people might not want to know or might not understand.
But as I see more and more friends getting sick or having chronical conditions I decided to try to talk more about it in the future.
As it is something more and more people affect today I think it is necessary to talk about it and to make non affected people understand.

I do hear a lot from other people that I have changed. Some say even I got complicated. Well I do not really think so. I try my best to not talk much about it as people do not like that. Then again I sometimes think some comments by people are really insensitive and not thought well through. Maybe that is because they know too little about the actual condition I do not know.
Maybe I am oversensitive due to my way to my diagnosis. I do not know that either.
What I know is people can only understand it when you explain it and when they want to understand.

One thing I kept doing through this past year is journaling. Not every day but most days.  Somedays I only wrote down one word. Somedays one sentence, Some a whole page and some several pages.
And this is what I want to share with you in the future. You will find more posts that are more private and less posts on beauty.
You will find more critical posts beside my happy beauty and book posts. You will find more me on this blog.
So far you only had a bit of it in my Something Special book posts and a lot of you seem to enjoy them. So I hope you will enjoy the real me posts in the future too.

See you soon


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