Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Bodywash: Treacle Moon

Hi everyone!

So I recently had some empties of bathing products and decided to try some new products. As you may know from former posts of mine I have a very difficult skin, although it may not look like it.
Due to my autoimmunity I have developed several allergies and my skin is usually the first that reacts. So there are often ingredients that may set me off in products.

#1 How it caught my attention
Thats how I came across treacle moon, which first of all is silicone and parabene free. I don`t always react to these two but I found a consistency in reacting more often to products that contain these ingredients. So when I saw that treacle moons body washes were free from those I was very happy and willing to give them a try.
Now another bonus for us animal lovers is that they are absolutely vegan and not animal tested.
And the final bonus was that the price for a 500ml bottle is around 3,50 Euros.

#2 The scent
I bought the bodywash in Apple Pie and Raspberry. Now I must say they smell very intense when you smell at the bottle and it set me a bit off at first. I was a bit afraid of smelling like an apple pie or a raspberry all day. But once you wash yourself with it you notice that the smell isn`t as intense as when you smell at a full bottle of it. I find both scents are very fresh, fruity but fresh and you don`t have to worry about it being too strong.

#3 My skins reaction
Now lets talk about how my skin reacts to this. During winter I have several dry patches that tend to get even drier after taking a bath/shower. I also have several red allergy spots at the moment (I blame these on stress and meds I got while I had my pneumonia at the beginning of the month).
So I use my shower creams usually on a exfoliating sponge so I also used this one with the sponge. I found that an almond sized amound was enough for my whole body. It is amazing that a little bit goes a that long way so I was pretty impressed.
My skin felt very soft right after applying it and even after washing it off and drying myself my skin was hydrated enough so that I didn`t felt like needing a body lotion. So this is great for when you are in a hurry as well. I didn`t had any reactions to it. My dry patches are nearly all gone and I really love how it leaves my skin.

#4 Would I buy it again?
Yes. I would definetly buy these body washes again. I feel they are definetly as good as the bodywash I had from clinique. The only difference is that I can buy for the price of one clinique bottle of bodywash 5 bottles of the treacle moon bodywash. So how great is this? 

Have you tried them? - If so what do you think about them?
What body washes are you using? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon for more new products I use 



  1. I've been using them for a while now (also at times the body scrub and the bodylotion) and I love the one that smells like ginger and the one that's called warm cinnamon nights, I think that one smells exactly like the big red bubblegums :D

  2. Thank you for your comment Tina! They didn't had cinnamon nights any longer. I think it was a limited edition I would have loved to try it.

    1. I think they might only have it before Christmas then, but they had it this Christmas and the year before, so I'm optimistic that it will be in the stores again in december.

    2. Thank you Tina. I think so too. The Apple Pie version is also marked aus Limited Edition.
      I saw you are using the scrubs as well. If you want to check out my DIY Body Scrubs you many find them here http://fit-and-beautiful-heart.blogspot.de/2015/08/my-diy-go-to-body-scrubs.html