Friday, February 19, 2016

Oops I tried something new again!

Hi everyone!

I am back with a beauty post today. Getting away from the serious and sad stuff for a bit.

I tried a new "bath" which is recommended for dry skin which you all know I have year round. There can be several reasons for that with Hashimotos but also "just" my skin. Think of dry air. Cold weather. Allergies. Ekzema. You name it.

So I know there are a ton of possible would work additions to my bath varying in their prices from 1 Euro to open end.
So of course I want to try the most affordable one. This big bottle is available for around 2 Euros I think.

Lets take a look at it.

It has a nice  smell and definetly gives you the feeling of sitting in oily water when you are in the bath. Getting out of the bath and drying my skin I cannot see any obvious benefits my skin is as usual soft after taking a bath, which can come from my body wash as well.
I have some issues with the packaging though. I feel that the hole where you pour it out is waaaaay to big there is coming out so much product which is for my bath waaaaay to much. You will be sitting in a field of lather. It is just too much. I tried to put it into my bath in different ways but the opening is just too big. For this price with this as the only flaw it is an absolutely great product and you can really relax.

Let me know what you use as a "bath". So maybe I can find something I like even more.

See you soon.


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