Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Something special for you! Chapter 33

Emma and I went on the planned grocery shopping once we had grabbed a snack at the hospitals cafè. Emma was completely changed. She was her usually self. She was the Emma I got to know over the past days, bubbly and relaxed. She had made a grocery list last night, I didn`t really know what she wanted to do with these things because she wasn`t able to cook, but I put them into the cart anyways.

Back at her place we prepared the snack and a salad for tomorrows drive. She filled the food into containers before she packed them into a cooler box.

I drove to my house to pack my things and the camping equipment on the Truck. We would pack Emma`s a bit later as she wanted to be alone preparing a surprise. I was just hoping that she wouldn`t cook.

When I came back to her place I was already smelling the chocolate when I stepped into the garden. When she opened the backdoor she looked like a chocolate monster. Her hands were covered in chocolate. What was she doing?

“Didn`t you tell me you can`t cook?”

“Well I don`t cook I bake.”

“Oh…and what shall this be?”

“Some kind of almond coconut balls covered in chocolate.”

I became more and more skeptical although it smelled amazing and these balls were really looking like pralines.

“As a snack for our ride. They are really amazing,” she said putting one into my mouth. Now I was surprised they tasted amazing. She impressed me once again.

Cooking wasn`t her thing, but baking was fine. Good to know that.

“Stop looking this shocked. My Nanny did bake with me when I was a kid and I found the recipe with the things I took with me from home.”

I packed her things on the truck and was surprise that she just had one big bag with her. Most women would have taken their whole closet for a that long trip, but I better not ask otherwise she would start to rethink her packing. She brought all the snacks out into the truck. Then we said goodbye for today.

Tomorrow our roastrip would start and I was nervous as hell although I wasn`t showing it. 
I could bet she was nervous too, but she was covering it well.

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