Monday, February 8, 2016

Something special for you! Chapter 34

We started our journey to our first stop early in the morning. The small town we had looked up. I had forgotten the name of the city already. And it was still that early. I was really happy that Scott had already programmed the GPS before he had come to pick me and Balu up. So I didn`t had to think any more about it.

Balu had taken his spot in the backseat and I did make sure he was secured. He did immediately lay down on his pillow. I had taken a mug of tea with me and sat down silently in the passenger seat. He seemed to know that I wasn`t a morning person and that I was never in a talking mood that early in the morning so he didn`t say a word.

So the first hour of our ride was absolutely quiet.

We had choosen the small town as it had a tivoli and clubconcerts although it was small. In addition to that I didn`t like big cities anyways and for a dog like Balu it would have been too stressful.

After our first break the atmosphere had warmed and loosened up a bit. A bit of smalltalk here and there. The last hour of our ride we had let our karaoke talent free. It was loud and wrong singing and Scott really went totally overboard with his Tina Turner immitation but it was so much fun.

The owner of the cabin did say we could pick up the key at the local diner and so did we.

She gave us a warm welcome and apologized for not being able to show us around the cabin personally. She is the owner of the diner and due to the town`s fair she had to stay in the diner. She let us know that if there should be any problems we would always be able to find her at the diner.

We thanked her and made our way to the cabin.

"I`ll just go for a walk with Balu first" I said once we arrived at the cabin.

"Okay. I will get everything inside."

I had been nervous. I had already told him in the car that I would need a  moment to myself.

He hadn`t taken it in wrong, it wasn`t against him, I was simply overwhelmed.

I had taken the bags from the truck and brought them inside. It was a nice cabin, not very big but nice. Once I Had brought everything inside the house Emma came back.

"Emma did we look if the cabin has two bedrooms?" I asked. I had already noticed that this cabin for two people only had one bedroom when I brought the bags in. So I would have to sleep on the couch.

"Oh" the look n Emmas face did tell me that she hadn`t thought of that fact. I saw how she started to think and already wanted to say that I could sleep on the couch, but then she said "but such a dobblebed is well big enough for two. I mean we are already grown up right?"

"Are you sure?  I can sleep on the couch."

"If I am sure about the bed being big enough? Or about you and me being grown ups?" She joked around and we both started to laugh.

"Keep going, get your bags into the bedroom." I wouldn`t say this twice. If he has a problem with it he would have to sleep on the couch. I did think right. He only had a problem with it as long as he thought I had a problem with it, because he was already on his way into the bedroom with his bag.

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