Friday, February 12, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 35

Later that night we cooked together. He still had to explain and show me a lot but I slowely got better. As last time we had a lot of fun together although I had to watch out to not cut into my fingers while staring at him in admiration.

The more I tried in the kitchen the more I learned and the more I enjoyed it. Maybe I would be able to cook him a dinner at the End of the roadtrip.

I should stop saying "maybe" and really set it as a goal. "At the End of our roadtrip I will cook him a dinner" I promised myself secretely.

Today we would have Spaghetti Bolognese. He didn`t used a premade sauce from the store as I would have done, he made everything by himself. It tasted completely different as I would find out later. All these fresh flavours.

"Do you want to take a shower first? Before we are going to the city? I mean you probably need longer."
I had totally forgotten, that we wanted to the opening of the fair and afterwards into the club for the small club concert.

I was still chewing my food, so I just nodded my head.
"Hmm. Hmm." I swallowed my food. "yes I would love to. Thank you."

So I was the first to try this shower, but how was it working? I did get the water to run but only the cold water. No matter what I did and in which way I screw the handles it didn`t changed the temperature just the amount of cold water.

I only heared squeaking from the bathroom. What was she doing there`? I wondered.
After I could still hear her squeaking after five minutes I knocked at the door and asked if everything was fine or she had found a spider. Her answer came promptly "Everything is fine I am just singing" she screamed with her voice shaking and again squeaking. I had heared her sing, but this was no singing, but I had asked and she had answered, so what more to do?

After ten minutes she was done taking her shower. I knew that because I couldn`t hear any more water running. After another ten minutes she came with dripping wet hair and in underwear out of the bathroom.

"Excuse me, I totally forgot to take my other clothes with me into the bath" she said when she saw my confused face. I wasn`t able to react. I was already positively surprised when I saw her in her Bikini but in underwear it was a completely different thing. I mean I was just a man.

I took my clothes and went back into the bathroom. Then I put on my clothes.
He knocked on the door again.
"If we want to make it to the opening we need to hurry a bit."
I opened the door with the hair dryer in my hand.
"Okay I will blow dry my hair in the bedroom so that you can take a shower now."

I took a look into the bath. I saw that you couldn`t look through the shower, at least not at the important parts. I took a quick moment to think while Emma tried to pass by me but I was blocking her way.

"Okay I`ll go inside, take my clothes off go into the shower and then I will call you and you can come in."

Emmas eyes opened up wide.

"Ohhh, that wasn`t meant as it sounded. You can`t look through the shower and I thought you need a real mirror to do your hair and make up."

"If you knew what I just thought," she said exploding in laughter.
"Well then go ahead. I will wait here until you call me in."

That`s how we still made to the opening.

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