Monday, February 22, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 37

We entered the club. It was small and dark at first but once we made our way to the bar, stage and dancefloor everything became lighter and bigger. The lighting was mainly in bluetones as well as purples. I went directly to the bar and ordered two beer. One of those I gave to Scott. Slowly more and more people found their way into the club. I had yelled into his ear over the loud music that I rather want to stay at the bar then to join the crowed and pointed towards my scar. He seemed to understand.

She told me several times that I could join the crowed but I wanted to experience the concert with her. Seeing her experience a concert for the first time made it something special for me too.

The band entered the stage and the crowed started to cheer for them. Most of the people in the club seem to already know them. With every song they played more people sang along and the atmosphere got better and better. The lyrics were good, critical, fearless and even though the drums were pretty loud it was still melodic.

Once we had drunken up our beers Emma pulled me with her into the crowd to dance and sing along. The surprise went well considering she had just told me that she didn`t want to join the crowd but it wasn`t the first time that I noticed her fire once she had warmed up.

The band played for almost two hours and we danced and sang along the whole time. I went several times to the bar to get us something to drink. I had seen how several other guys went to Emma to talk to her and ask her to dance with her but she was pretty good to make her way out of situations she didn`t felt comfortable with. She did it in a way that you couldn`t be mad after all. She danced her way through the crowed towards me. Totally out of breath she took the beer out of my hand.

“Thank you” she said, smiling at me.

“Looks like you have found some admirers” I yelled into her ear. I didn`t want to sound jealous. I mean I didn`t had a reason to be jealous. She bursted out into laughter.

“Those…no” she waved away with her hand “they wanted to know if we are the `couple` who rents the cabin in the woods. And to be honest…I am pretty sure two of them were more interested in you than in me.”

He pointed at me than at him then again at me before he pointed again at himself. He seemed shocked.

“Do you mean us two a couple or you and the two guys?” I was pretty amused.

“What…what did you tell them? About me.” I raised my shoulders.

“That we are renting the cabin and that I am not sure if you are interested. Are you interested?”
Now he started to laugh.

“Come let`s go dancing.”

“So are you interested?”

“Not in those two” he whispered into my ear. I was confused. Not in those two or generally not? Maybe I wasn`t his type because of that. Maybe his friendships worked that well because of that and maybe he was that kind because of that too. This was a new theory. If he wasn`t a womanizer he has to be guy.

We were still dancing after the concert when the DJ had started his job again. And we would still be dancing when everyone has left the club and the barkeeper had turned the lights back on. I really didn`t know where she took all of her energy from but it was contagious. Even though I have always felt free on the water I felt like flying right now.

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