Saturday, February 13, 2016

Why I deactivated my Facebook account

Hi everyone!

It took me some time to sit down and write this post, but I think I managed to find the right words to explain my decision on deactivating my Facebook Account for good and maybe this post gets you thinking about it too.

Now first of all I want to write this post to explain to my family and friends all over the World why I made this decision, but besides that I want to get people to start to think.
I will let you know how I started Facebook and how it changed in my eyes and in the end, why I deactivated it.

I started my Facebook Account many years ago. It was great to keep in touch with family and friends. It was the easiest tool to do so. I was able to share photos and activities with them without having to contact them one by one. And back then this was what Facebook was about, connecting. Then the whole game thing started and it was fine in the beginning when there was just Candy Crush and Farm Heroes, but all of a sudden there were thousands of games and thousands of game requests. If Facebook wouldn`t have changed the settings so that you were able to ignore them and turn them off I would have already deactivated my account back then, if it wouldn`t have been such an easy platform to communicate with friends and family. But all this was another thing.

Back then I still communicated with the people who lived close to me in another way. I didn`t had to send them a Facebook message to ask them to meet. I just called or went over. Everything was more personal and you did more things together not having a phone in your hand. You had the time you had together for real. Today everybody just listens half way as they are looking on their phone checking out Facebook statuses. But that is another thing too, although I think it has a lot to do with my decision.

Over the past few years Facebook changed. The whole meaning of it for me was to connect with people, people I like and people I enjoy being around, but can`t be around as they are not living right around the corner. Today it is used as a marketing tool, as a political discussion platform and to bully people.

I mean it is really great to see a lot of companies, but scrolling through your dashboard just getting recommendation over recommendation, isn`t really what I want on Facebook. I was there in the first place to connect in a respectful way. But with it becoming political it also became ugly. There are so many posts out there full of hate and racism and Facebook isn`t doing anything about it. There are so many threads against people out there on facebook. I can`t even name all the things I have read on my friends facebook page in the past months or on mine or even on others. These comments shouldn`t be there and they shouldn`t be allowed. No person who gets threatened like that takes it easy. It is often hurtful and stressful.

Another point is the bullying. All of us know it you join a Group on Facebook of your interest and comment a post and some person comments it in a totally inappropriate way that is just full of ignorance and hate. Now you could say you do not care because you do not know that person and a lot of people do, but deep down in your soul it hurts.

For me one of these comments was the reason that made my final decision on deactivating my Account. And I would like to give this as an example here as it is not the worst but it shows what people are using Facebook.

I recently joined a Group where you can ask questions regarding lawstudies and law in general. You may assume that there is a polite tone in a group full of professionals or aspiring professionals. Someone asked a question to a case that regarded himself. The first comment he got was objectively. The second person who commented had stalked his profile figured out he was in a political party he disliked and got personal in his answer. They had a discussion that went back and forth and it worsened and worsened. It simply got ugly. I couldn`t see it so I wrote a comment myself where I said that I was shocked that in a group of professionals I would have expected a professional tone and that people would be able to answer questions objectively. The answer I got was unbelievable. The person told me I wasn`t allowed to comment as I didn`t had my law degree yet and that I wasn`t intelligent enough due to that. I mean seriously? How low can you get? I was deeply hurt and mad. This person didn`t even know me but felt free to judge me? I know it was an idiot but still. I see this all over Facebook.

You write a post where you say that people shouldn`t call all refugees criminals just because some are (we had some incidents here in Germany) and you get a comment that you will burn in hell for supporting refugees. Seriously?

People do not have to share my opinion, but they have to be respectful. Social media was once about being social. Today it is a paradise for bullies.

And it is not just bullying in the categories I mentioned now there are way more bad things.
You know all these Fitness Accounts and Commercials that constantly tell you your body image is wrong? You know all these comments under photos of people that they are ugly or fat? That is not social. That is what is destroying people. That is what makes people sick.
Where is the respect? When did we loose all that humanity?

Or is it just easier to be mean and disrespectful to a person you do not know and that you do not have to face? I think this last question is one of the reasons why there are such things happening on facebook.

You can call me over sensitive right now if you want to I am fine with that. At least I was strong enough to not anylonger let this get to me and stop it by deleting my Facebook.
I did this to save my mental health, to reduce my stress and to keep me away from getting depressions.

I am not sure if you will like this post and you do not have to. Maybe this post got you thinking, maybe not. But I had to get it out there. I had to explain my reasons, because I know there are more people out there suffering and always thinking should I delete it or not. For me the moment I took the decision gave me an immediate relief and to be honest I cried at first as I was worried I would loose my friends. But I have had my friends before Facebook and I will have my friends after Facebook as well. There are so many other ways to communicate, that are more personal and less out of control as Facebook is.

I know this is a more serious post as usual and there will come more serious posts in the next weeks as I had a lot of discussions with friends after I made my decision and shared it that got me (us) thinking and that showed me that there are more people out there feeling the same way. So why not put it out there and discuss it?

If you comment, please consider a friendly and respectful tone, which I usually have on my blog. Any hateful comments which I luckily haven`t had on here yet will be deleted. Feel free to share this post and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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