Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Depressions - Things that actually help me

Hi everyone!

I recently talked about Depressions and thinks you or I do not want to hear when I have them. You will find this post here in case you want to catch up on that one first.

Today I do want to talk about the things that help me. Thinks I do that cheer me up and help me clear my head. With everything I mention now you have to keep in mind that it depends a lot on what is depressing me, what causes my depression so not everything works every day the same way.

Sometimes I am depressed because of nothing that actually has to do with me. I am depressed because I see how society changes and how people become more and more ignorant and agressive.

Sometimes I am depressed due to hormonal imbalances due to my Hashimoto`s.
Sometimes I am depressed because I do not function the same way I did before my Hashimotos. I can`t handle stress and I can`t manage the same work load as before. This throws me a lot of stones in my way. And people do not always understand as I look healthy.

Other times I am simply depressed for absolutely no reason I know.

Taking all this in consideration you may understand why there isn`t just that one thing that might help me or you.

First of all I have these days where I absolutely don`t want out of bed. Don`t want to see daylight. Those days are often a result of too much stress and I just feel I can`t. What I learned is to accept that. I learned that this is fine. There are days like this and I will get over it but most importantly it is fine. I usually stay in bed when I can. I open my blinds a bit to slowly introduce myself to the daylight and then gradually decide on how to start my day. Do I take a bath first or do I wake up and make my favourite breakfast which by the way are eggs in tomatoesauce with beans. Do I take my dog for a walk first. No matter what I ask myself what would I want to do if can`t stay in bed right now.

A walk alone in a quiet surrounding can often clear my head and by the middle of the day I already feel better.

Other days I am depressed due to our society as I said. I am depressed because people are in addition to my condition throwing stones in my way, due to ignorance and maybe because they don`t understand that they are doing that.
Those days, the things I mentioned above won`t help me at all. What helps me is to refocus. To set my focus on something else. The best thing to do so for me is by doing yoga. By taking a challenging sequence that forces me to focus on what I do, to focus on me. I know sometimes I am not in the mood for yoga but since I know it helps me in these situations and that I am in a much better mood afterwards makes me motivated enough to turn to my mat.
If my health is a bit of and I can`t do a challenging sequence I choose to meditate and sometimes I even take a crime novel and read it as it relieves a lot of the tension that has build up for me.

So these are the things that help me. I know they might not help everyone but maybe you want to try that out or it inspires you to try new way. Your own ways. 
If you have found your way to deal with it and you want to share it feel free to do so in the comments below, maybe as a new inspiration for me as well.

Take care and see you soon.



  1. It's great that you can identify some of the things that make you feel even a little bit better - it's hard to help yourself when you feel awful and so it's such a positive move forwards. I hope things keep looking up for you as much as possible.

    Sammy xo.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Sam!
      I have tried so many things and therapy wouldn`t work as well as I had hoped so I started what I should have done from the beginning. I journaled those days and thought about what happened before those days. So once I knew what the cause for my situation might be I worked on figuring out what might help me. Actually I truly believe stepping away from some foods might have reduced the regularity of those days a lot. As I often have it stress related.
      I hope you will find your way as well.
      Please keep in touch and let me know how everything is going. You can even contact me by Email (which you find in the footer) if you want to.

      Hope you stay tuned on my blog.
      Nadja xoxo