Monday, March 21, 2016

Overweight - Things that aren`t helping

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about overweight. Some of you may know some of you may not know it, I am overweight. I have struggled with my weight since I turned 12 years. It was a constant up and down sometimes I was in the normal range sometimes I was above it.
Today I have a different perspective on my body and my weight as I had when I was younger. It wasn`t an easy way to see things the way I see them now but it is so important.
So to help some of you to deal better with the struggle I am sharing my experiences and in todays post I am starting with the things that don`t help.

#1 "You are overweight"
Yes, I am and I know that. I do not have to be told that again and again. That is what I always told myself but I never actually told that to the people who told me I am overweight. The thing is, yes they are right and we know that ourselves, we do not need to hear that every time we meet. It is frustrating, as it is not as if we do not try. Getting this information won`t help, it just stresses us out more which leads me to...

#2 Stressing about your weight
It won`t help. You will always have days where you may have a kilo or two more and then a few days later you are back to normal. You weight gain can have many reasons. So it is important to check what may have caused it. In my case with Hashimotos the first thing I would check is if I have eaten something that can have caused trouble with my gut, make me bloat, make me store water. If I keep gaining weight I get my thyroid checked, but if I know one thing then it is that stressing about it won`t help you loose weight. Stress may actually lead to...

#3 Overeating
When you beat yourself up over and over again about not having lost enough or about having gained again. You are more likely to seek help in that chocolate bar or several or in a bag with fatty chips. So keep in mind stress won`t help you.

#4 Diets
I personally can`t name a single diet that helped me and that I didn`t fall in and out off. So I completely stepped away from dieting. Plus it let me to point #2. It stressed me. Everytime I didn`t reached the goal or had a slow week I started to doubt it, got frustrated and fall out of it. Plus I obviously didn`t enjoy it.

#5 Overtraining
Yes you can actually do that and I did that many times. I saw progress and then wanted more and wanted it fast and I decided to train harder to get one more workout in and then another. It was totally unbalanced and I usually lost the fun and joy in it. I fall out of it as I fell out of every diet as it made me hit a plateau in addition.

So these are the five main points that didn`t help me loose weight and that made me feel very unhappy with my body and uncomfortable in my body. These five points are also points I hear a lot from friends and family and I think once you know what stops you or slows you down you can work on figuring out what actually helps you. On my next post (after the usual Something Special for you - post) I will talk about the things that help me today to deal with my overweight.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave me a comment below if you have any more questions or suggestions and I see you soon.


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