Friday, March 25, 2016

Overweight - Things that help me

Hi everyone!

After we talked about Overweight and the things that aren`t helping in the last post of this category I want to talk about the things that helped me loose weight but also be happy with the weight I am at.

As with everything my Hashimoto diagnosis has teached me a lot and it has also helped me with my overweight. It helped me understand why I am overweight and why loosing weight is so hard for me. So not all of these points I mention will help you but maybe they help you understand that you are not alone in this.

#1 Accept
Accept your weight. Accept your body and most of all accept who you are. You are beautiful no matter what. For me this was so hard to accept and understand. It took me years and mainly because of point number 1 in my last post. Getting told over and over again that you are overweight makes you feel imperfect. It makes you feel something is wrong with you when it actually isn`t. You are fine the way you are no matter your weight. No matter what society or Hollywood says. Your body is your and you should love and accept it the way it is. Be yourself and be proud of yourself. Like I said previously their are several reasons for why you might be overweight. Beating yourself up about eating too much, not working out enough won`t help you. And this leads me to ....

#2 Find your sport
I mean it. I knew the first day I went to the gym to loose weight that I do not like it. I went never the less. I forced myself. I was unhappy with it felt uncomfortable and over all didn`t loose weight. So ask yourself before you join a gym if you really enjoy it if you can stick to it or if you should rather try to just get moving first. The most important thing is that you start somewhere. It can be a one hour walk per day, swimming, etc. It doesn`t have to be something big or something that stresses you out. Do something you feel comfortable doing and make it a habit and don`t beat yourself up if you miss a day. You can asign an extra walk for the weekends instead. I tried so many sports. Like Badminton, Swimming, Boxing, Running, etc. Trust me when I say I try a lot and I enjoyed a lot. But not everything is managable with my schedule and I had to take that into consideration as well and that is how I for myself ended up with yoga. And although people told me that I won`t see as big progress as they see in the gym I proved them wrong because after all everybodys body is different. So go out there and try different things and if you find that one thing that you miss when you are not doing it and I really mean miss than do that. Choose that thing and enjoy it. Enjoy that time for you. Which leads me to...

#3 Find your eating style
I say eating style because it is something you will have to keep up. It is not a diet that you will do until you reach your goal it is something that fits into your life so good that you do not have to think about changing it back to something else.
I know I changed my old nutrition over night and I know that I struggled a lot at first as Paleo was completely new and I by no means say you should switch to Paleo because again everybody is different. What worked for me to not fall out of it and to enjoy it was to think of how I could switch out my favourite foods how could I make a tiramisu healthy? How could I make my favourite pasta dish? Thinking of Pasta I started to switch wheat pasta out and used lentil pasta which is way more filling so I ate less. So I did this over all. When I wanted to eat fries I switched the potatoes out and went with sweet potatoe or zucchini or even carrots. Instead of eating a sugary cereal bar I went with my own bar, switched the sugar out with dates and added healthy nuts. It is not that difficult and once you have figured out how you can make your meals healthier you will actually enjoy it. Get more inspiration, try new foods. And by that you will figure out wether you are low carb or high carb or whatever. As I said I do not believe in diets. I believe in making your meals healthier and not missing out on anything but to enjoy it. I am just Paleo due to my many food intolerances and Paleo is what describes my eating style best.

#4 Take your time
Change isn`t happening over night. So take your time. Accept that there are good weeks and that there are bad weeks. Accept your body as a whole. Your hormonbalance plays a big role and if your metabolism is slowed down like in my case it might take longer but over all you will get there and like I said in point #1 Accept it. Accept your body and love it. You are beautiful no matter what. So enjoy your life and if this means not loosing as much weight as you wanted to in one week because you enjoyed a treat with a friend that is fine. That is life.

#5 Ditch your scale and measurements
I know some people say you should measure instead of using the scale and today I can actually use both but I don`t do it. I look in the mirror. What is measuring helping me? I have days where I am bloated and I have days where I am not bloated so one day I have 20 more cm around my belly than the other. So this is not helping me. In the mirror I immediately see that it is a weight gain or this is just bloated. I see if my muscle tone is gone or not. A number is not telling me much. So stick rather to progress pictures and that loose fitting jeans.

So these are all my tips on how I deal with my overweight and how I got to start loosing weight and maintain to loose weight. Which for me really isn`t as important as becoming healthy or being as healthy and happy as possible. I hope this can help you a bit and if you like this post please let me know and also what you would like to read in the future.

See you soon.


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