Friday, March 11, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 39

I woke up by the squeaky sound of the door. I looked into the bed beside me and saw that Emma was away. I crawled out of bed and when I took a look out of the window I could see her and Balu disappear in the woods.

I put on some jogging clothes and went into the kitchen to make some breakfast. She would probably be hungry once she came back from her walk. I did warn her last night that she will be totally hungover today due to all that alcohol but she didn`t really care about that. Her comment on that was that she wanted to let it all hang out and she did it. At least for her. And she had so much fun that I didn`t want to stop her.

On our way back to the cabin she got really tired so that I had to carry her the last ten minutes as her feet were so sore and she nearly fell asleep while walking. Once we came home I had just put her to bed. She had pealed herself out of her jeans and bra before she had fallen asleep in her top and panties. I did took Balu outside before I went to sleep myself.

She entered the house with Balu right after I put the orange juice on the table.

“Good morning” I welcomed her.

“Not so loud” she said with her sunglasses on “don`t you have a headache?”

I was surprised. He looked as fresh and alive as usual while I just wanted to stay in bed with a pillow over my head.

“I did warn you” I just couldn`t hide my smile. She did just look up from the table but didn`t said a word. She moved her scrambled eggs from one site of the plate to another with her fork, completely lost in her thoughts.

I was really hoping that nothing had happened last night that I would regret. Scott seemed to have noticed what I was thinking.

“You know that you were so drunk last night that I had to carry you home the last ten minutes. You did barely manage to take your clothes off…” So that was the reason why hadn`t my pyjamas on. I had probably fallen asleep right after I had taken off my clothes. I exhaled relieved.

“You should really drink your orange juice it helps with the headache” he said pointing at his head. He made a small pause before he continued “fresh air helps as well. I want us to take a look at something later today.” He handed me the newspaper I brought in with me earlier. I read the article he had pointed out carefully after I had taken a shower and gotten ready for the day. Once Scott was ready we were headed out.

The children`s home of the town had burned down completely a few weeks ago. The children had to sleep in tents for now which we both thought wasn`t an option. We were on our way to find the responsible person for the children`s home that could tell us more about the situation so that we could work out a plan to get the children a real roof over their head again and that as soon as possible. First, we went to the Diner where Emma started to talk to the owner of our Cabin, Annie.

“We read about the children`s home today morning and we would like to help.”

“Then you better talk with Martha I will write you down her address.”

“Thank you. You know exactly what I wanted.” Annie smiled at me. She was such a lovely elderly lady surely the soul of the city. Scott has taken a flyer of the hardware store with him. Once we had Martha`s address we were on our way.

“What do you want with the hardware store flyer?”

“I have an idea.”

“Which is?” I was confused. Was he thinking that the problem would be solved with a bit of wood, some nails and a hammer?

“Let us first wait and see what we are facing and then I will fill you in.” That made sense.
Martha gave us a warm welcome. Annie had already called her and told her that we were on our way and so she had set the table with cookies, a cake and some coffee and tea.

“Come in. I am Martha.” The elderly woman introduced herself to us. I guessed she was in her early fifties. She had a kind face. Her house had a modern interior but still the atmosphere of a cottage. I immediately felt comfortable around her and in her house.

“That is Emma and I am Scott” I introduced us while Emma admired her interior. The whole house was full of photographs of children, trips and parties as well as everyday photos.

“Come in come in” said Martha and led our way into the living room. You could see all over the house that the children`s home wasn`t just her job it was her everything.

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