Monday, March 14, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 40

Martha did explain me one of the photos. It was from a summer party where she was standing in the middle of ten kids who were all giving her a loving hug.

“I am like a mother to them. I know most of them from early on but most of them came to us when they were already older. Most of them are orphans. They need a home where then can feel save and supported, as well as loved. We gave our best to make them feel home. The children here are often unseen. We are in a small town and it doesn`t happen often that people come her to adopt a child. Most of them are staying with us until they graduate. They are here in save home, friends and the inhabitants of the town function as a family but now everything has burned down…and…and…we do not know how we shall keep going.”

Martha had teared up when she told us about the children`s home, her lifework. I got deeply touched and teared up as well. Scott seemed to fight his tears as well because he had gotten very quiet, very very quiet. He set beside me on the couch in silence without moving.

I took a deep breath to hide my tears and to stop my voice from shaking before I started to talk. “We would like to help to build it up again and that as soon as possible but we would need to see the children`s home first.”

“Oh dear” said Martha who still fought her tears “there is nothing to see. It burned down to the ground. Completely.”

Emma looked at me and I had to think for a while before I tried “Could we see the place to develop an idea?”

“We would really like to help” did Emma add.

Martha nodded “Okay, I will show you around.”

We drove to the children`s home or better said what was left of it. Martha was right except of some ashy wooden planks there was nothing left. She explained to us “The kids are sleeping in tents on the camping site for now. At the moment there is one permanent employee and two volunteering youth worker with them. We want to give them the feeling of a holiday camp as long as we do not know how the future looks like.”

Emma and I nodded. We took a careful look around. After walking around for a while we kept standing in one corner of the property. I turned towards Emma “What would you think if it would be like a camp all year round?”

“How do you mean that?” she asked me thoughtfully. She walked up and down and couldn`t stand still.

“I mean what would you think if we would build small wooden cabins in a circuit and in the middle a big one with a common room, a kitchen and a play room…” I did look at her asking and pretty convince from my idea.

I had to think of the flyer he had taken from the Diner. “You mean garden cabins?”

“Yes they would be bought and build up quickly and with time they could be upgraded but for now they would have a real roof over their head.” I had to think about it for a while before I nodded and said “Okay. That is how we will do it.” I turned around and walked back to Martha. Scott followed me. When we stood in front of Martha I pushed him forward. Scott understood the push and started to present his idea. Martha did listen cautiously before she asked her final question.
“And how do you want to finance that?”

“Oh don`t worry about that we will do that.” I said. Martha looked at me in disbelieve.

“No worries. We will pay for that.” I said one more time. Martha was still not able to believe what she just heard.

“Think about it until tomorrow you can reach us by phone” Scott gave her a card with his number “and if you decide to take our help we could start immediately. Maybe some of the older kids could help as well.”

Martha did agree and we went back to her house where she thanked us for today before we went back to hour cabin.

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