Friday, March 18, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 41

Right before we went to bed the phone started to ring. It was Martha. She wanted to let us know that she wanted to take our help. Scott did immediately make a plan together with me that we would have to implement tomorrow. Finally we watched a movie before we went to bed together.

In the Morning we did grab a quick bite for breakfast and then went with Balu in the backseat to the hardware store. I did wait in the car with Balu while Scott went in to get a catalogue of the available garden houses. We didn`t need long to decide on which garden houses we wanted so Scott ordered them at the hardware store. Some of them they could deliver right away and some they would deliver during the early afternoon. After that we had bought the material to build benches and high sleepers for and with the children of the children`s home. Then we went to meet Martha at the children`s home plot where she was already waiting for us. She had mobilized the children, their caretakers and some other people to help.

“We have ordered four medium sized huts that will be delivered today if we do put two high sleeper in each of them we will have space for sixteen children, three huts will be delivered later the other days, the big hut will be delivered tomorrow. The toilets are going to be in extra huts beside the actual huts as outside toilets. They are going to be in small huts that will get delivered tomorrow. Showers will get build into one of the huts that will get delivered later but we will call a company to do that professional. The plan for today is to already build with the help of the children and the other people two of the huts. We would have to measure how we want to build it up of course.” I did explain my plan eagerly to Martha. Emma did explain it more visually.

“The big hut shall be built in the middle of the other huts and become the common room and the kitchen. Into the smaller huts, the children`s houses we would like to build desks and drawers. For the teenagers we would like to order three more huts later on so that they would only have to share the hut in pairs.”

Martha was crying tears of joy she hugged the both of us and thanked us. She introduced Emma and me and our plan to the children and helpers and everyone was happy and looking forward to get started to build their home.

While the children were getting the paint, in which the huts shall get painted in the end from the truck, the adults where measuring of where the huts stall stand. Once we were done measuring we were getting the materials for the huts where they were needed. We did split up equally and started with the building process while the smaller children were building the benches and playing with Balu.

Emma handed me the planks, nails and tools. We didn`t had to talk much and still everything went hand in hand. During the day more people came to help. That’s how the three huts were built in time when Martha and the children with their caretakers called for the barbecue. Annie had brought Salads, meat and sausages from the Diner so that everybody could charge up.

I knew what I had always missed in the City. Clannishness. The clannishness this small town had is nothing I would find in a big city. Everyone was helping. It was a community project. Those that couldn`t help by building up the huts helped by cleaning the plot or looking after the smaller children or by fueling us with food and drinks.

Everyone was excited by the idea and they all wanted to help. Once the sun started to set we started to pack together for the day. We covered the things that needed to be covered. Tomorrow would be another day of building.

We were so exhausted when we came home that Emma and I went straight to bed. Tomorrow would be another day of hard work.

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