Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 42

The last huts should get build up. The day afterwards we would begin to paint them something that the children could do mainly while we, the adults would look after the interior of the huts. The local electricians and handyman volunteered to help build the bathrooms as well as the kitchen and other needed electricity.

Scott and I were working on a hut together, again.
“Where did you learn all that handyman stuff?”
“I grew up in a normal family it was usual that we did what we could on our own we didn`t call a handyman for everything.”

I knew it wasn`t meant as harsh as it sounded but it hurted me nevertheless and I became silent. I reached Scott the material to the rooftop and then asked one of the other man to take my place as I wasn`t able to lift the heavy pieces just yet.

I went over to the children and helped them by building the chairs for the common room. One of the small girls pulled on my shirt and I turned around.


“I” I said pointing at myself.”

“Come with me.” Where were the caretakers for the small ones. She was definitely not in the group of the kids that were old enough to help. She was way too small for that. How old was she? Maybe four or five years old?
“What is your name?” I asked her.


“Lexie, okay, I am Emma. Where shall I come with you?” Lexie took my hand and I went with her until we were standing in front of a pile with burnt things. Lexie pointed at something.


In the pile there was a pillow or better said what was left of it.
“Is that your pillow?” I asked her and she nodded with a sad look on her face. I think she knew she wouldn`t be able to use that ever again.
“Was that your cuddle pillow?” I wanted to know more detailed and again she nodded.

“My grandma made it,” her voice sounded even sadder than she looked. I assumed that she had lost her whole family and I knew how that feels. The only difference is that Lexie is too small to look after herself. I took the pillow out of the pile. It looked as if it had had the shape of a turtle.

“Shall we try to make you a turtle like this one again?”

Lexie nodded her head in joy and gave me a bear hug. I still didn`t knew how to do it but I would make her a pillow in the shape of a turtle. I ran over to Martha and asked where they had a fabric store. Martha looked at me confused.

“So Lexie,” I had to catch my breath somehow it touched it. Martha put her arms around me “It is fine. I know…” she tried to calm me down.

“The fabric store isn`t far from here. You can take Lexie with you if you want to. I will write down the way for you.”

That’s how I went away with Lexie without telling Scott about it.

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