Monday, March 28, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 43

I wondered. She became pretty silent after she had asked me where I had learned all that. Maybe my answer was too harsh. She had asked someone else to help me out and did walk away without saying a word. I would have to make up for it but for now she had left with this little girl. I looked as she walked away. Once I couldn`t see her any longer I started to focus on my work again. It didn`t work as easy as with Emma and it was just half as fun as with her but that was my own fault.

When she came back I looked up. She had a bag full of fabric and other crafting supplies for the children and for Lexie and herself.

When we came together for the barbecue in the evening Emma was still sitting separated, crafting something with the little girl. I must have looked at them a bit too long as Martha was suddenly standing right beside me and started to explain, “Lexie, the little girl that is by your wife, lost her entire family about two years ago. She has always had a pillow with her that her grandmother had made for her. It burned down in the fire. Your wife helps her to make a new one.”

First I thought about interrupting Martha to tell her that Emma and I weren`t a couple and especially not a married couple but when Martha started to explain who the little girl is and what Emma was doing there I decided not to. Instead I listened carefully, nodded my head and kept observing Lexie and Emma.

Suddenly I had an idea how I would make up for earlier today. I would fill Emma in once we got back to the cabin but first we had to talk about tomorrows plan. We would help with the painting of the huts, as well as with building the high sleepers, the drawers and the dressers. Then we our project will be finished and Emma and I would continue our roadtrip.

After Lexie had given me a bear hug and pulled her pillow into her chest we had stood up. It looked like a turtle but was far away from looking like an actual turtle.

She came towards me and once she stood in front of me she had her hands in her pockets and her shoulders raised. A big smile was all over her face.

“It isn`t perfect but obviously the thought was worth more than a perfect result.”

I nodded. “She is happy with it for sure.”

“Yes,” Emma said before she went to get some food.

After we had talked through tomorrows plan we drove back to the cabin. It was a silent ride home but Emma wasn`t as cold as she had been the rest of the day towards me.

While Emma was in the shower I searched the Internet and had found exactly two tickets and bought them immediately. I had saved them to my email and then called Annie. I asked her if she could print them out. Of course, she would print them out. She would give them to me tomorrow at the new children`s home. We would really make it. Built up a new children`s home in just a week. Made the huts habitable in just a week. Without the help of the whole town this wouldn`t have been possible. There had come a whole school class in the afternoon and volunteered to build up the small huts that should function as toilets. They had worked quick and good.

Emma did came out of the bathroom just in underwear and handed me her body lotion.

“Could you help me with my back? I got a bit…”

“Burned,” I finished her sentence when I saw her back.

“Yes.” She said after she had taken her long her over her shoulder so that her back was free.
I was surprised how gentle he was even though I had shrugged together when the cold lotion touched my skin. The massage was good after we had worked so hard the past days.

“I have a surprise by the way. To make up for my comment earlier the day.”

She turned around and looked at me with a big questionnaire on her face.

“Do you remember the band you told me about? - Well I got tickets for their concert on Saturday night but we would have to leave already on Friday morning. So we wouldn`t be there for the reopening of the children`s home.”

I was prepared that she could have gotten upset because we would have to leave before the reopening but she was smiling and wrapping her arms around me.

“You wouldn`t have to do that. I mean I knew you didn`t mean it the way it sounded. But I am of course happy that you did that” she said. She made a squeaky sound and jumped up and down joyfully, and started to sing.

“And you are really not upset that we won`t be there for the reopening?” She looked at me gave it a quick thought and then said that she wouldn`t like farewells anyways. She danced into the bedroom where she put on her pyjamas and went to sleep.

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