Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bikini Series Day 6

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all feeling well.

On saturdays we sleep in. Which is good. When our bodies work hard they should also be allowed to rest.
Once I got up at 9:30 am I got for a quick walk with the dog and then sat down on my spinning bike for 15 miles light cardio. Which now after my Thursday walk makes up for 12 miles towards 100 miles by summer (biking miles get divided by 3).

I then had my Quinoa Porridge for breakfast.

Todays study plan said 60 pages on articles solving the question on what is literature and how to analyse and interpret literature. I needed 3 hours for that (yes I was slow today, taking more breaks than during the week).

Went for another walk with the dog before I had my fruit salad (pineapple, strawberries, apple and banana). I took a 1 1/2 hour break where I watched a movie and then went upstairs for Cardio Abs from the Beach Babe 4 which I really enjoyed. It was challenging and made me sweat. I hope to be able to build up to more stability and be able to do 2 rounds of it soon. I followed that up with Yoga Camp Day 17. The mantra was I am focused. Which is great considering this challenge is about me.

About focusing on what is good for me.
Focusing on my goals.
Focusing on what I do.
Focusing on the positive.

I then called the rest of the Saturday my relax day, watching TV and preparing my Dinner, as well as getting my workout gear for the next day ready.

Dinner was a chinese veggie mix with 1/4 cup of rice and 1 sausage. I ate half of the portion I made and saved the rest for Sunday.

Went to bed pretty early after another short walk with the dog.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Bikini Series Day 5

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!

So as with the Day 4 post I didn`t found the time yesterday to write up my Day 5 Post, but as I keep my Journal I am able to fill you in completely (in my settings this post will still be scheduled on its actual day).

So as I have free on Fridays I took the chance to sleep in. Rest is really important no matter if you have chronic diseases but with chronic diseases it is even more important. So I got up at 8:30 am and did Yoga Camp day 16. The mantra for the day was I enjoy.

I enjoy this morning.
I enjoy todays practice.
I enjoy the fresh air coming in through the open window.
I enjoy....

I then had two slices of spelt bread with 2 eggs. As you by now may now I really need time to wake up probably so that breakfast got really enjoyed. After I cleaned up after me I took up my books. I had to catch up on Niels Lyhne for not reading on Thursday and I made it through the rest of the book which was about 70 pages by 2pm. I then had a serving of fruit salad (strawberries, pineapple and and apple). I then read another article about "What is literature" before I went up to do my pm Workout.

Todal Body Tone up from the Beach Babe 4 was planned. It is an amazing workout. Some moves were challenging but it didn`t really made me sweat. So as with the Rock your body workout I either will do two rounds of it the next time or pair those two workouts up.

After my workout I went for a quick walk with the dog and visited our neighbour where I had a cookie (yes I am a cookie monster, but hey it is about balance and being happy).

For dinner I cooked up 1/4 cup of spelt pasta. Sauteed an italian sausage which I had cut into smaller cubes and added an italian veggie mix to it. I added the pasta in to coat it in all that flavor for about 2 minutes and then ate that yumminess up.

I don`t regret my dinner. What I regret is not planning my dinners for thursday and friday which actually made me eat more of this pasta dish than I should or would have if I had planned it ahead.

Another note I made yesterday was to drink more. The problem when I am at home is, that I don`t use my own water bottle. My mom and I actually drink from the same water bottle (of course out of seperate glasses) which makes it difficult for me to track that I actually drink up my 2 - 2,5 liters of water. I will get better in this I promise.

Stay tuned for Day 6 where I am actually back on track. Although I don`t think the post will be up before Sunday as studies come first.

I wish you all a great weekend and hope to see you again soon.


Something Special for you! Chapter 50

We arrived at the next cabin late that night. The drive was long but I had made it without panicing. I felt save with Scott. He had shown me that if I just focus on my goal I could do anything and so far he had always been right with it. During todays drive I had focused on my goal. The mountains. The hike and the camping. I couldn`t wait for it. I was so excited. I wasn`t just excited for the camping. The last days Scott and I had become closer. Not on purpose though. It did just happen and although we had told the last cabins owner that we were just friends it didn`t came over my lips easily. I still had that unwritten point on my list, maybe I would be able to cross it off earlier than planned.

We had arrived. While we carried our stuff inside the cabin Balu was running around the house. We were both hungry, so we began to cook something quick together. 
After dinner we started to pack our bags for tomorrow as well as the camping gear.

"Which tent shall we take?" We had bought three tents as Emma couldn`t decide on one. I hope that she would be able to make a decision now so that I don`t had to carry all three with me tomorrow. She just had to decide.

"I hope you don`t think I am sleeping alone in a tent in the wilderness?"
No I had never thought that, but pressuring her or forcing her to do something was nothing I wanted to do. She usually made three steps backwards then and that was nothing I wanted to risk. That she may have reconsidered our trip. Now we were here. No I was able to pressure her a tiny bit.

"So then the one with the two cabins?"

"Or the one with just one cabin", she said and smiled at me, provocative.

"Maybe I should ask you out on a Date some day, then?" 

I knew that he was joking but wasn`t against a date in general.

"Ask me again when we are back from our camping trip alive."

I had expected another answer. Only a week ago she would have reacted angrily, but by now she knew when I was joking. Although I actually meant it. I didn`t had anything against a date. I already wanted to ask her out the first time I met her, but back then the moment wasn`t right so I had put it aside.
Balu was running around us waving with his tail in excitement while we were packing our bags.

I was packing clothes, sunscreen and toothpaste first into my backpack. Then Balus foldable bowls, food and the snacks for Scott and me that we had prepared earlier. I put a campingmat and a sleeping bag to it. Scott would take the drinks as well as the tent. He would have taken more if I wouldn`t have insisted on carring my part. I had been really stubborn.

I gave him the hiking map and then took off into the bathroom and then into bed. We would have to get up early the next morning.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bikini Series Day 4

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all feeling well.

So although I am writing this Thursday post on a Saturday, I took my notes for Thursday.

I knew days like these would happen and that is actually why I got asked to blog my Bikini Series. I just wasn`t prepared for them to happen already that fast. It wasn`t in any relation to the Bikini Series it was just life happening. Life with several chronic diseases.

So I woke up as planned at 5:50 am and did my Tone it up Bootycall. Which actually was Yoga Camp Day 15. The mantra was I am open which was a great mantra to start the day with.
A lot of stretching and opening up which was much needed.
I then got my usual breakfast ready (Vanilla-Apple-Mango-Quinoa Porridge topped with vanilla coconut milk yoghurt and Apple Mango Sauce) on the stove and got up to get ready myself.

For today my mom came with me to University. No worries she didn`t acually participate. She came along for our big monthly grocery haul and the store she prefers is on my way to university. We had also planned to eat out and walk around the city a bit.
So she had taken a book with her and was waiting for me for two hours while I had my norwegian class (where we are currently talking about the sea and fishing).

The thing was that when we arrived the weather was dry but cold. When I came out of my lecture it was sunny and warm (not that I have something against that). Long story short the weather kept basically changing every hour which was completely messing with my blood pressure as well as my asthma. I felt easily out of breath due to the cold air I was inhaling and I felt dizzy every time the temperature went up (we talk 10°C differences).

So I was so far fine when we got out to eat. We ordered Chikken Tikka Masala as well as Fish Curry and were eating from both dished equally. It was very light and not too spicy so I only needed little rice and little bread. We shared a big bottle of water so I was hydrated as well.
But about one and a half hour after we had eaten I started complaining about joint pains as well as dizziness which clearly is the weather to blame for.

So I walked around a lot that day and also completed all shopping but when I came home I decided to rest.
I was thinking back and forth several times and then decided to take a look at the cardio flow before I decide for good. For my taste and my ability to work out right now the pace was way too fast as well as my body was telling me "I need to rest".
So I rescheduled my University to do list as well to Friday (as I have free on Fridays) and Saturday.

After that Chicken Tikka Masala I just had one cookie right when we came back and didn`t felt hungry for the rest of the day. So went to bed early and decided that tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to go for that gold.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bikini Series Day 3

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all doing fine.
It is day 3 of the Bikini Series and I started it with a killer workout.
First I did the K&K Slay from the Beach Babe 4. I had to modify the jump moves as I don't want to put pressure on my knee considering my weight. So for the jumpsquats I raised up on my toes, for the plyo lunges I did normal lunges alternating legs.
This workout really got my heartrate up so that I had to breathe it down before I went on to my next Workout from the Beach Babe 4 Toned Arms. I just love the Beach in this workouts makes me dream myself there which gives me the extra motivation.
Toned Arms is an amazing workout. I didn't use a heavy weight, but the high reps still got me in trouble and showed me how weak my left shoulder is compared to my right shoulder.
Got to work on that.
I followed those two Tone it up Workouts up with Day 14 of Yoga Camp from Yoga with Adriene. The Mantra was go with the flow and of course it was flow that got me sweating but it was good to let go and to focus. I enjoyed my morning routine.

So while my breakfast (Vanilla-Apple-Banana-Quinoa-Porridge) was on the stove I went up took a quick shower and got ready for uni. Today I started later and it somehow seems to mess with my hunger. I came home and had a hunger for bread with an egg, so I had that. It is all about balance.
After a walk with the dog I had a craving again and went with that one cookie. I don't regret it. As I said it is about balance. When you work hard days like today are allowed.

Now I have just had my Black Bean soup (Recipe in sundays meal prep post) and set down to watch Greys Anatomy. I haven't studied today. Again it is all about balance.

Tomorrow is a new day to challenge myself to make good choices. My workout clothes are laid out and my alarm is set.

Take care


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bikini Series Day 2

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are doing fine!

Time for a recap on Day 2 of the Bikini Series.

My alarm rang at 6am today for my 20 minute cardio Tone it up Bootycall. I am still wondering how I get my music to play as my alarm instead of that horrible alarm sound (obviously not that into technical stuff) but I guess I will not figure it out any time soon.

So I put my workout clothes on (which I had laid out last night) took my asthma spray and my thyroid medication and went on my spinning bike for 20 minutes of cycling. Since I haven`t cycled in a while I didn`t put much resistence in. I just wanted to get these 20 minutes over while watching morning TV.

Once I was done I was able to cross of 5 miles off those 100 miles by summer as I managed to cycle 15 miles.
I then went first to cuddle the dog which had now woken up and then went into the kitchen to get my breakfast set up so that it could simmer away while I got ready.

Since I had some skin irritations on my forehead and around my nose (which I assume is due to allergies) I didn`t put on any makeup. I just made sure to cleanse and moisturize and put sunscreen on (I wouldn`t call it a waste, but there was more rain, clouds and snow than sun today - spring where are you?!).

So once my Quinoa Porridge was ready (today I had the Vanilla Apple Mango Version) I said down to eat and relax before I had to focus on that 1 hour drive.
Since todays classroom was 1km away from my parking lot I got in a walk in the fresh and very very cold air.
Staying focused through a topic which is necessary but not really interesting (for my taste) was a bit of a challenge today, but there are days like this and we all know them. The fact that it was really cold in the room didn`t help either.
At least we got out 5 minutes early. We took another 1km walk back to the main campus where my car was parked. While I drove home I ate my meal 2 which was half an apple. I had the other half about one hour after I came home.
It was a bit busier than I had planned the day, but while my Beach Babe 4 videos were downloading I was reading another Chapter in my book.

As usual I went up at 4pm to do my PM Workout which today was Beach Booty from the Beach Babe 4. Oh my god I knew once I was doing it that I didn`t had to wait until tomorrow to feel the soreness and so true. I am sore by now. I am feeling it on the sides of my booty and my outer thighs but it feels so good. I know it might sound weird but it feels good to feel that I had been doing something to change.
I followed that routine up with Yoga Camp Day 13. Todays mantra was I deserve. The practice was more restorative so it fit perfectly in with todays other workouts. Besides that isn`t the mantra just amazing?

Think of what you deserve. I thought of it during my practice and I repeated that mantra again and completed the sentence.

I deserve to be happy.
I deserve to be healthy.
I deserve to be loved.
I deserve to love myself.
I deserve...

Just amazing. I can`t tell it often enough how including mantras or daily affirmations to m routines have changed my mind when it came to motivation, but also self love.

After my workout I warmed up my soup as I was really hungry. I had actually planned it as meal 5 but as everything went upside down from the moment I came home. I just had it after my workout and planned a slice of GF bread with an egg for my Meal 5.
The soup I had today was a soup I had made 2 weeks ago and frozen. It made 6 portions. And is basically a leftover soup from a bean salad.

For that soup you will need:
1 red onion
1 inch piece of turmeric
1 inch of ginger (go after what you like here)
2 garlic cloves
1 sweet potatoe
2-3 carrots
cardamom, cumin, salt, pepper
3 Tbsp white beans
3 Tbsp Chickpeas
3Tbsp kidney beans
1/4 cup red lentils

Sautee onions and celery for about 5 minutes, then add the turmeric, ginger and garlic and sautee for another 2 minutes. Then add the other spices and sautee for another minute. 
Next add in sweet potatoe chunks and carrot chunks and sautee for 3 to 4 more minutes. Move them around so they get coated in the seasoning.
Then add the beans and fill it up with boiling water until everything is covered up.
(you could use vegetable stock but I don`t feel the need for it with all the vegetables and flavor)
Let it cook for 30 minutes on a medium (low) heat then add in the red lentils and let it cook for another 10 to 15 minutes until everything is soft.

I read another chapter in my norwegian book and then decided to call it a day.

As I am sitting and writing this post I am watching some tv and drinking my good night tea which is a herbal tea that is really good to calm the mind and body down before you go to sleep.

All in all I am happy with Day 2. I didn`t had any major skip ups and I didn`t miss a workout. I am proud I didn`t give up when everything went upside down. Shows me how committed I really am this year.

Thank you all for reading.
Take care


Monday, April 25, 2016

Bikini Series 2016! Week 1 Day 1

Hi everyone!

Today it got real. It is officially Day 1 of Week 1 of the 2016 Bikini Series!

My alarm went off today morning at 5:50 am. I don`t feel it is a great time to wake up but I actually was awake by 5:45 am. Yes I was that excited to get started to achieve these goals (which I still need to write in my Journal and which I still need to share here). So I grabbed my workout clothes which I had already laid out last night and was on my Yoga mat by 6am as I had planned it.

So my Tone it up Bootycall was Yoga Camp Day 12. The mantra for today was I trust which was an amazing mantra to kick off this Series.

I trust in myself.
I trust that I will reach my goals.
I trust that I will give my best every single day.
I trust that my body will thank me.
I trust... (you know just complete the sentence).

I loved todays Yoga practice and it was amazing for that bootycall. It didn`t make me sweat (which frankly I didn`t want to as I have to leave for university 8am) but it got my blood flowing and that is the goal of that bootycall.

After I was done doing my yoga I went into the kitchen to take my medicine and to throw that breakfast together (check my last post for the recipe here). While that was simmering away on the stove I got ready. Gave me a quick over all bodywash and cleansed my face. Put on some quick every day makeup (check my routine here) and went downstairs to serve my breakfast. I topped that Quinoa Porridge of with 2tsp Vanilla Coconut Milk Yoghurt and 2tsp of that apple banana sauce.
I then continued with my bad habbit and turned on the daily morning TV to watch some news and gossip while I had my breakfast, as well as chatting to my mom, cuddling the dog (basically the usual). I need a really long time in the morning to really wake up. As I still had some time left I took another look at my notes for todays class and then took off to university.

Enjoying loud music in the car (my cardio playlist) for that 1 hour drive.
Today classroom was in the 4th floor and I took the stairs (one of my goals).
After my class I had 1/2 a banana to get me over the hunger until I came home. Where I first thing made myself the Blueberry Bombshell which is the Smoothie of the week in my journal.
It was really yummy and filling.
This gave me another 2 1/2 hours to read Niel Lyhne by J.P. Jacobsen which is one of the lectures of todays class. Once I finished my chapters that I had planned for today I continued reading the book which is lecture for my norwegian class.
Meanwhile I had sipped up my first liter of water for the day.

I had planned my workout for 4.30pm and I was on my mat by that time and had everything set up, ready to start.
As planned I did the Rock your Body workout from the Beach Babe 4 which actually made me sweat a bit. I loved the new moves. The whole workout was great. It was challenging and I had to adjust one of the moves but it wasn`t too challenging. I actually still had enough energy to go for a second round, but decided not to as I first wanted to see how sore I will be tomorrow. If it is not too bad I will go for two rounds the next time.

I hydrated with another 1/2 liter of water and then read for another 30 minutes while my Broccoli-Pea-White Bean soup was warming up (you can find my recipe in yesterdays Bikini Series post as well).
I decided on two slices of glutenfree bread to that soup as the serving was smaller than I thought and I had skipped my Meal 4.
Now I am all ready to relax and cuddle up with the dog on the couch and watch Laura Diamond, while drinking my good night tea, which is lemon and ginger today with some mint leaves.

Only two thinks left before I go to bed:

1. get the spinning bike back into the living room for tomorrows bootycall
2. lay out workout and normal clothes.

So this was my day one which went incredibly and unexpectedly well.
I will be back tomorrow evening with the update on day 2.

I hope you all are doing fine and enjoyed today.

See you soon


Something Special for you! Chapter 49

We spent the rest of the week going for walks and on hikes through the National Park. The hikes weren`t like the ones we had thought of when we wrote our lists but they already took about five to six hours. I was experimenting with the camera. I wanted to capture the smallest detail when I saw something beautiful. While I did that I didn`t notice that the object was Emma for most of the times. We had a lot of fun. Learned more about our interests and wishes. We cooked together. Emma had made big progress in the kitchen. She wasn`t any longer just in the place of a kitchen help.

I had started to write again but had kept it to myself. Didn`t want to pressure myself. I had time. Maybe my idea wouldn`t become anything more than just an idea. Maybe I would throw it away. Even if I would do so I was sure that I would find another solution, pick up another idea. Right now I just wanted to be happy. And I was happy the way everything was.

We hadn`t noticed how we became closer. How we lay there arm in arm watching movies. How we danced through the house to loud music. For us it was natural at that time. We got along. Were friends. Understood each other more and more without needing to talk. We felt amazing the way it was and we were hoping for our friendship to continue even after this roadtrip. That was it. A friendship. At least that was what we told the cabin owner when she one more time mentioned what a beautiful couple we were when we handed her the keys of the cabin back.

"Oh we are just friends" had been our answer before we had gotten into the car and continued our journey.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bikini Series is here!!!

Hi everyone!

So finally it is there. The Tone it up Bikini Series 2016.
I signed up early. I bought my bundle as extra motivation and it arrived on time!
You can guess how excited I am to make real changes this year.
To do so a lot of planning and preparation is required.
I not just planned my university schedule (when to read what, when to prepare which presentation etc.) I also planned my "private" life. Yes I count University as work and nutrition and fitness as private life.
So I am happy to own the Beach Babe 4 Journal now.
All Tone it up Workouts from the Beach Babe 4 are already scheduled in the Journal as well as your Cardio Workouts. I only had to add my Yoga Camp workouts from Yoga with Adriene (you can find it for free on Youtube) to the Journal. Which I did in the Workout Section.

The Journal also allows me to plan my meals, my grocery list and to check my hydration.
The Journal also helped me take look at where I am at now. I already weight and measured myself today, as the Week always ends with a Sunday, where you have to weigh and measure yourself again.

It is not just amazing for recording your progress but also to reflect (yep it has an extra section for that). It also has a goal section which I still need to fill in. Maybe I will have an update on that tomorrow night (still thinking of my goals mind and soul wise). Where do I want to be after this 8 Weeks? I got to think about that for another night.

To succeed in this Journey a lot of planning is required. Although as a member I get the 8 Week Nutrition Plan which takes away a lot of planning usually. I have to plan on my own. Why? Because the TIU Grocery list exceeds my weekly grocery budget of 15-20 Euros by far. I could bet I would at least spent 40 Euros. (Isn`t it weird that healthy food is cheaper than the junk food?)
So I have to adjust it to what I can spent. I also have to make adjustments to my food intolerances, although the Tone it up Nutrition Plan serves my autoimmunity well I can`t always rely on it to fit my bodies needs and tolerances. The Tone it up Nutrition Plan helps me with guidlines as well as inspiration in the kitchen. So it is definetly helping me prepare and plan my meals.

So today I prepared two soups as well as my breakfast (that one not completely though).
Preparing the soups actually already started last night by activating my dried black beans. I am a lucky Hashimoto patient and tolerate beans, but they need to be activated over night.
So I added 250gram dried black beans to a bowl, added 500ml of water and 2Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar, which helps get the acid (pythin it is I think) out of the beans. This acid is mainly what is causing the problems. You could by all means use canned black beans but I usually find that they added lots of salt and sugar to the beans (or chilie) so I`d rather like to use dried black beans for this soup. For the black bean soup you will need:

250 grams  activated black beans
1 big red onion
1 red bell pepper
1 can tomatoes (chuncks)
2 cloves of garlic
1/4 tsp chili (powder)
1 tsp Cumin
1 tsp dried Oregano
Salt and Pepper
Juice of half a lime
Vegetable stock

I started by cutting my onions and bellpeppers in chunks, for the celery I used left overs which I had frozen (you could use the green one as well). I then got on to the garlic.
I rinsed off my beans and let them dry, while I sauteed the onion, bell pepper and celery for about 5 minutes. Then I added the garlic and the spices and sauteed that for another minute. 
Add the tomatoes and black beans. Fill it up with vegetable stock. Once the mixture reaches a boil I turn the temperature down to low, add a lit and let it simmer for 4-6 hours. I then use a blender and blend it (though not completely smoothe). Add the lime juice and I am done. 
I put it into containers that match a portion size and let it cool. Once it is completely cooled I put it into the freezer. So I only have to grab it and heat it up the day I want to eat it. I then top it with either avocado or plain coconut milk yoghurt.

Next was my second soup which I choose to prepare after the black bean soup as it is just quicker to make. The Broccoli Pea White Bean soup. I use frozen broccoli and peas for that as it saves me the time of cutting my broccoli, I have no waste as well as it is simply cheaper. For this one you will need:

2 onions
2 cloves of garlic
1 can big white beans
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp dried oregano
salt and pepper
250-300 grams frozen broccoli
(one whole broccoli, including the stems)
250 gram frozen peas
Vegetable Stock
juice of 1/2 lime

I first of all rinsed my canned beans off very well. You want to get most of the added sugars and salts off. And then let them dry.
While they were drying I cut my union into smaller chunks, as well as the garlic. I then measured off my spices/herbs as well as my veggies.
Then I sauteed my onions for about 4-5 minutes then added the garlic as well as the spices and sauteed that another minute before adding the beans, the broccoli and the peas. I filled my soup pot up with vegetable stock until everything was under water. I brought that to a boil, then turned the heat down to low and let it cook for 30-50 minutes until the broccoli was completely soft.
I then blended it with a blender smooth, added the lime juice and filled into containers measuring one serving. I said one serving aside for tomorrow and put three into containers to freeze.

Next on was measuring up the ingredients for tomorrows breakfast. I like my breakfast warm so I always prepare it in the morning, but this whole progress goes way faster when the ingredients are measured off. My breakfast is usually some variation of Quinoa Porridge. This week I chose Vanilla Apple Mango Quinoa Porridge and Vanilla Apple Banana Quinoa Porridge. You will need for that:

35- 40 ml of Quinoa (I know that is inaccurate, I have those white measurement spoons of Ikea and use 1/4 of the biggest/the 100ml spoon)
100 ml of vanilla almond milk
2 Tbsp of either Apple Mango Sauce (this one contains no sugars just 78% Apple and 22% Mango)
or Apple Banana Sauce (78% Apple, 22% Banana)
1 tsp maple syrup (if you need additional sweetness, honey would work as well or agave)

For topping I use:
2 tsp vanilla coconut milk yoghurt
2tsp of the apple sauce I used

I measured the liquid ingredients together and added them to a mason jar and I measured the quinoa off and added it into a small container.
So when I wake up tomorrow morning I just have to through this in a sauce pan, bring it to a boil and then turn the heat down to low. While this simmers for 15-20 minutes I have the time to get ready in the bathroom after my TIU bootycall.

So this is it for today!
I hope you stay tuned and follow me through this journey.

I will be back tomorrow, with an update on Something Special as well as and update on how my first day of the Bikini Series went.

Take care


Friday, April 22, 2016

Changes are right around the corner

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are feeling fine.
Back in February I wrote a post about what this blog was about and now I finally want to go into it.
I want to show you more about my life with Hashimoto, Asthma and Allergies but also just everyday life.
If these private posts are not your thing no need to worry, there will be plenty of others posts about makeup, skincare, food (be on the lookout for recipes in these private posts as well), books, etc.
Just don`t worry I got you covered.

So with these changes coming to this blog (and there have already been plenty changes, just think of the layout...) you might think why? Why now?

It is easy to answer. When I started my blog last summer the plan was to share with you how my life looks with Hashimotos and all the other stuff that came with it such as food allergies, skin reactions, etc. but I didn`t do that. I tried to incorporate it but I wasn`t quiet ready to do so. I talked about depressions and weightloss yes, but I tried to keep it as neutral as possible. I talked about makeup products and skincare. I mentioned the problems about dry skin but then again about breaking out. But was that really personal? I let you answer this question.

For me this wasn`t about my Hashimoto and I still don`t want it to be about that to be honest. Yes I do have Hashimotos which means I have thyroid issues but also issues with my immune system. All this is also causing my extreme allergies and food intolerances. It is causing a lack in stress resistance as well as weight issues.

Last year I was stuck. I had just gotten my Bachelor degree but no job. I had just been diagnosed with Hashimotos and heavy asthma. And I had to learn to deal with all of that. I wanted out of the unemployement thing but at the same time I couldn`t handle the stress off the tourism industry. I had to accept mentally that there were changes ahead I didn`t really want to happen. I had to accept the fact that I had to decide on the changes for my life. That was when I started law school which honestly wasn`t my thing. It was stressful again and not really what I wanted. It was an easy way out when I needed it but it made me sick. It made my immune system incredible weak and I ended up having pneumonia for almost three months (yep three months).

That was when I started rethinking and when I was finally ready to start changing what had to change. While I had pneumonia I was too tired to cook the food that had helped me so good during the first half of 2015, I hadn`t worked out (of course I hadn`t I was breathing like Darth Vader) and I have totally forgotten that life is too short to be unhappy.
So about three weeks ago I had taken the step and talked to my mom about what I wanted to do. What I think I could do. What I think I would enjoy.

Yes, changes are right around the corner. Some changes are already made. I have inofficially changed subjects at uni (I will officially change in the fall semester, as I missed the deadline for this semester). I am now studying Finnougristics and Scandinavian. I am basically doing what I enjoy doing. I am reading books. I am reading them, learning to analyse them. I learn about the history and the culture. I am doing what I enjoy doing.

Of course there are some people who don`t like my decision. Who think it is stupid. Who think I should just go and get a job with what I already learned. Who think I am studying too long. I usually just like to quote my favourite movie.

It is my decision, it is my life

What is it that makes people think that they know what other people should do in and for their lifes? (I often wander that) 
The last year had teached me a lot. It has teached me to set myself first but didn`t learned that on my own. As some of you may know I follow Tone it up since summer 2012 but never really committed to it before last summer. When I got invited to a group of beautiful european Tone it up girls. I committed to do the Bikini Series 2015 workout wise but not food wise. I decided to keep up my autoimmune paleo nutrition which I had started in the beginning of 2015. I had also started with yoga (find out my thoughts on yoga here). During that series I lost more than 50cm over all and 8kg. 
It was the first step towards changing my imbalance on sports and food. It happened thought that I couldn`t keep it up while I was unhappy and stressed out with the whole University situation.

Now that this is over, now that I have accepted the things that have changed I am ready to make changes myself.
I am for the first time fully committed to a Bikini Series (which starts April 25th). I am aware that the nutritionplan won`t work completely with my budget and with what I am able to eat. I am also aware that I might have to make adjustments to the workout plan (after all everybodies interests and strengths are different) and I got asked to do so on my blog.

So beside the changes in my life there will be a change on the blog. I will blog through the Bikini Series. I will show you what I eat (personal recipes included) and I will show you how I integrate my workouts into my daily life.
I will hopefully be able to give you daily updates, while the posts about Something special will be up as usual (no worries on that one).

I hope you will enjoy what`s coming up and if you are in for it let me know in the comments below.

See you soon


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 48

I am afraid of the height. I was afraid of a lot of things, mainly of the things which I had no control of. Scott was an adrenaline addict. During breakfast I let Scott know that I no matter what wouldn't climb through the trees on my own. He did promise to help me if I afterwards would try it on my own. With that said I would have to von through it twice. I had gotten myself into this situation.

We got two safety and security sets that we had to take on. After that we got explained how to behave at each station and they we were ready to go.

"Remember, I am always right behind you" he said while I slowely climbed up the ladder to the first station. Insecure.

Just don't look down was the only thing I could tell myself now. I mean I had already problems standing on a chair. Everytime I looked down everything became foggy and I had the feeling of falling. Today I would have to learn to deal with it even when everything was shaking, when there was no ground under my feet. Just planks I had to balance on. A couple of trees I had to climb up.
I was standing at the next station. It was a bridge to another tree made of lonely planks swinging on a rope. Between the swinging planks there was nothing else than air. I hesitated. Didn't want to go. Move. Scott was directly behind me. Told me that I am capeable. I should just focus on the next plank, not the space in between the planks.
Inhale, exhale and walk. Step on the plank. Not look down. That was how the whole way to the next tree would be like. Scott was always just one plank behind me. Don't embarass yourself just move on I told myself. After the first three planks I was over my fear and made it quickly to the next tree. I waited until Scott had made it to the platform too.

"You made it!"

"Yes. It wasn't as hard as I had thought," I said. Proud. I climbed my way up to the next platform on the tree. I was amazed about my courage and how quickly I had lost my fear. If I would fall the rope would catch me. I couldn't get enough of it. I was really quick but being faster aus Scott was probably impossible in all fields.

Once I was back on the ground I knew I get through another round on my own and I was ready to so so. Scott said he wanted to keep his gear on in case I needed help he could be right there.
He picked his camera up and started photographing.

I was fascinated how she could be scared of something so much but at the same time enjoy it so much.

Monday, April 18, 2016

My thoughts on "The Hunger Games"

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to talk about my thoughts on The Hunger Games. This is not an actual review of the books or the movies, just the thoughts I had while reading it and how I came to read it.

Let`s face it, The Hunger Games wouldn`t have been a book I had bought without knowing it. It is standing in the young adults and fantasy section of our local book store. Sections I don`t enter. I am more into crime books and just every day real life. The same counts for the movies.
So in reality me reading these books or watching the movies was something I never imagined before that one day. That day when I visited my first AuPair family and we decided to watch a movie which turned out to be The Hunger Games. I didn`t got hooked on the movies right away didn`t understand them right away maybe.

My first impression were this reminds me of Germany during the time of World War 2 but I through those thoughts aside and focused on an amazing Jennifer Lawrence and how she made it (Spoiler Alert) out of the arena.
After that I watched this movie over and over again until Catching Fire came out. I watched that one and it started to make more and more sense. I haven`t watched the two final ones yet as I decided I wait for the big DVD Box and then watch them all in one night.

Eventually as the waiting was killing me I decided I wanted to read those books. Get a deeper understanding of the story and really in my opinion you need to read the books. So many things suddenly made sense and added up that I didn`t understand by just watching the movies.

Yes I got that they had the capital with all the rich people. A city that kept the small districts "small" and poor. That let the people in these districts kill each other for their amusement and to remind them how a revolution ended in yearly hunger games. I understood that. What I didn`t understood by just watching the movies was that this is closer to reality than we think. I always just saw those special effects, the fights, the mutations (completely leaving out how I could interpret the mutations). All that suddenly made so much more sense once I read the first book.
Once I understood that standing up and volunteering to be tribute to protect her sister already was an act of rebellion in the system of the capitol. Knowing that so many human things Katniss did were all counted as an rebellion (thinking I would have done the same if I would have been in her shoes).
Suddenly it added up. Since I had watched the The Hunger Games and Catching fire before reading the books I easily visualized what happened. The other way around after reading the books it was easier to understand how and why Katniss acts in a certain way in the movies.

Then I read Mockingjay the book I was most excited but also scared about. I was prepared for a rebellion but I wasn`t prepared for District 13. For me it was basically the same dictatorial regime as the Capitol. But again I thought there is so much more reality in all this then I could have ever imagined.

I thought more and more that why haven`t we read books like this in school. Why did we read all this classics when these books could have teached us so much more. Why don`t they start reading it in school? I really believe these books are worth reading no matter what age we are one (well except of toddlers). I really think teenagers should read it but also their parents should so that they could talk about it if there are questions.
I think this book has so much reality between the lines if you can read between the lines of course.

As I said I am hooked. I love these books I loved the first two movies and I will probably also love the last two movies although I think the ending will be different from the one in the books but soon I will know that.

Have you read the books? Have you watched the movies? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below and I hope for those who haven`t read the books yet that I didn`t gave too much away.


Friday, April 15, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 47

When I woke up Emma was gone. I looked out of the rooms window but couldn`t see her. She had probably taken Balu for a walk. I decided to use the moment to take a shower.

When I came out of the bathroom she came through the door carrying a big paper bag. I was just about to get dressed when she asked, “don`t you want to eat first? As long as it is warm?” She had really bought my favorite breakfast. Where did she got it? I hadn`t seen a restaurant. I sat down in my shorts and started eating right away.

“A few minutes down the road is a small diner. I was there with Balu”, she explained. When I she was done eating she stood up and got something else out of the bag. I did thought that she might have bought some snacks for the remaining trip but what she had taken out of the bag was too big for that.

“That is for you”, she said putting it right in front of me on the table and then explained, “so that you can keep the beautiful moments for the future and don`t forget them or have to search for them in your memory.”

I unwrapped it. I was for sure surprised when I saw that she had bought me a camera. She wanted to thank me for the concert tickets. She also wanted to thank me for not asking about what had happened yesterday. That I had given her her space.

Right after we had had breakfast we checked out and started to continue our journey. We arrived at lunchtime. It was a beautiful cabin in the woods. Just like the first one we had been to. The cabin owner`s wife was already waiting to give us the key and feed us with the information we needed. She wished us a pleasant stay and then excused herself. She had friend who was waiting in the car. We could hear her say “what a beautiful couple” to her friend when she went into the car. We both started to say “We are not…” but she had already closed the car door and started to drive.

“Why do they all think we are a couple?” I asked him irritated. He just raised his shoulders and laughed. We started to load our things from the truck. We wanted it comfortable in the cabin as we would stay for a couple of days. Once we were done we took Balu for a long walk. Through the forest to the National Park where we made an appointment for the climbing park. I was horrified about it but it was on my list.

Scott had taken his camera directly with him. He had started to take pictures of everything that came in front of his lens. At least it felt this way. He photographed leaves, flowers, Balu, the sky, me. I just didn`t get it. What was so beautiful with these things?

He would probably photograph everything in the climbing park tomorrow as well. My panic, my insecurity, all the faces I am going to make while climbing around in trees. I was really horrified about it but for now I would enjoy the evening. Enjoy that we had arrived. Enjoy the fresh and clean air. The silence. No cars passing by. No arguing neighbors. Enjoy that nobody could observe us. That we could do whatever we want to do. Well I still couldn`t run around naked in the house, because there was Scott but otherwise we were free. And tomorrow I would be able to cross another point of my list.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

MAC Haul!!! New additions to my collection!

Hi everyone!

Time for a new post that shows my love for MAC products. So over the past few months I have added some new products to my collection, which I am very happy about.
I have carefully chosen from my MAC wishlist so that the products add up to create one look but also more than just that one, lets just say the colours match.

So starting with the product I have obviously used the most in the last five months (can`t believe it is already five month ago that I bought this holy grail) which is the Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20. Lets face it this one is never ever going to be substituted with another concealer. I have very dry skin around my eyes and very dark circles and this creamy concealer is just perfect. It doesn`t dry out my skin anymore, it doesn`t crease throughout the day (and I do not always set it with a powder, only on warm days) and a bonus it manages to absolutely cover my dark circles. I often use it to highlight as well as usually one pump is way to much for just my eyes (I wish it came with an applicator not a pump) but otherweise it is perfect. I have used it on my mother and it didn`t even settle into fine lines. So if you are looking for a good concealer but don`t want to spent too much on it go with this one (did I mention I used it now for 5 months and there is still half of the amount left).

On to another product I constantly use but which isn`t on the picture Fix +. Now I would say it isn`t doing the job it should do, it doesn`t fix your make up at least I do not feel it does, but it hydrates my skin and if you overpowdered your skin it makes everything blend in together perfectly. It gives you a dewy finish which I love and as I have dry skin I love how hydrating it is and that I can just spritz it again on my face through out the day (there is a travel sized bottle as well). As my makeup usually lasts me all day without any problems I do not care much about the fact that it isn`t fixing it anymore. For me it is just a wonderful product I can`t live without.

As I wanted a translucent setting powder but didn`t want to spent too much money on it I went and bought the Prep+Prime Transluscent Finishing Powder (I hope that was the name, anyway it is a finishing powder). I went a bit back and forth wether I should purchase it or not. I haven`t heared much about it on youtube or read about it on other blogs. I always saw people recommended the Laura Mercier Powder which I felt I didn`t want to spent that much money for. So with that said I didn`t make a mistake purchasing this powder by MAC. I got a bit confused with the packaging and I am quiet sure I haven`t figured it really out yet but what matters is that this powder works. It works. I first used it to only set my concealer but I have started to use it more and more for my whole face and it is amazing. I would say it might actually be underrated. It doesn`t make me look powdery and doesn`t kills my "glow" (which I like) completely but it keeps me from getting oily in my T-Zone (yes even though I tend to have dry skin my T-Zone can be crazy).
So if you are still considering what to buy don`t forget this powder as it is not as expansive as most of the other once most youtubers talk about.

Now on to the next products.
I can`t actually tell how many MAC eyeshadows have so far and how long my wishlist still is, but trust me when I say this was a hard choice. I decided on four eyeshadows that went well together. Eyeshadows I could create a natural look with, a bit more dramatic daytime look and a night time look.

So the first eyeshadow the light shadow close to my wrist is Shroom it is beautiful highlight shade (yes I actually used it as a cheek bone highlight as well) it is not too shimmery and not too white. It is just perfect for me. If you like a stronger highlight I would go with Nylon but for me Shroom is perfect.

The eyeshadow next to Shroom is Soft Brown which is a perfect transition colour for my skin tone for some very pale people this might be too red so this might not be perfect for everyone but for me it is. It blends beautifully and not just with the other colours from this post. It works with so many other shades well I was actually surprised.
It works fine on its own for a natural look as well.
Next to Soft Brown we have Swiss Chocolate and what can I say, I love it. It is such a beautiful chocolate warm brown it is in my case absolutely day time approved if I go for a stronger daytime look. The colour payoff is of course and as usual with MAC amazing. For me an absolute must have if you like a warm tone smokey eye.
Next to Swiss Chocolate is Embark now this shadow was close to not getting buyed by me. I had my first and hopefully my last bad experience at MAC. I went with my wishlist to the counter in another city I usually buy my MAC products at and I also had a list of which shadows I already own. I told the woman at the counter that I wasn`t sure weather I should buy a highlight shade or something more dark for a warm smokey brown. She obviously didn`t want to help me, she just kept repeating that I could create many looks with the shadows I already have (hello!!! I wanted to buy a new one not being told I do not need another eyeshadow). So I again asked what she would think would work with Swiss Chocolate and Soft Brown and she just told me that Embark wouldn`t be it as it is from another collection. Long story short I obviously knew more about the shades they have than she did so I just went a long and bought Embark (and yes I am not going to buy at that counter again). Embark is a very dark brown with i would say purply undertones when I look at it in the packaging. Trust me when I say it blends perfectly with the other shades for a darker but yet still warm smokey eye. It is also nice as a heavy smokey eye all over your lid and then you blend it out with soft brown and a bit of swiss chocolate. I really like it as it is really dark but not black.

Next to Embark you see Something Special which is a corally Cremeblend Blush. Perfect for everyday and also an evening look, just overall perfect. I always grab that one when I am in a hurry and just don`t have the time for much. I apply it with my fingers (dap and drag). The pigmentation is great and I would say it is worth the money to at least have one cremeblend blush.

Beside the Blush you see one of the most hyped highlighters and now I really know why. Soft and gentle (which is a Mineralize Skinfinish I think, well it is mineralized) is one of those soft highlights that still is a highlight. It might seem a bit glittery swatched but applied to your cheek bones it just gives you this beautiful glow. I needed about two tries to figure out that not as with my wet n wild highlighter need to apply more and more. I mean it dip your brush in it once an it is enough. Such a beautiful glow I could go on and on about how much I love it. (The holy grail)

I also got two more lipsticks.

The left one is Brave and the right one is the Viva Glam II. I always loved Brave but once I got the Viva Glam II I found my new everyday go to colour. I don`t know why and most people would probably not see a difference in them but I do.
Brave has way more pinky undertones in it than the Viva Glam has which is more nude on my lips (which are quiet pigmented on its own). I also love the formula of the viva Glam II more it is definetly more hydrating than Brave where as Brave is more matte on my lips as well.
But those two work fine together as well. I recently began using brave first then blotted my lips and dapped the Viva Glam II over it. No matter what these two are the two lipstick I love the most of all the lipsticks I have.

So these were all new additions to my MAC collection.
I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you understand my obsession with MAC, maybe you are even as crazy about MAC products as I am.
So let me know in the comments below:
What are your favourite products from MAC?
What is on your wishlist?

I hope to see you soon again.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 46

We had been on the road for almost five hours before we took a break. We had both been hungry but we luckily had enough snacks in our portable fridge. So we made a little picknick on the truck bed. We had stopped at a greenfield site so that Balu could run around free for a bit without having to worry before we would continue our journey. We haven`t even made it half way.

“Do you think we can make it today?” I asked Scott. He looked at me skeptical.

“I hope so” was his answer.

I hoped so too. I could never sleep as well in a Motel as I could in a Hotel or a house in which only we two were staying. Most times they were noisy and a bit creepy.

“By the way, Martha thought we were married,” he told me, laughing. She started to laugh and added “not just Martha. When I went to the Diner to hand Anny the key back she told her husband what a beautiful couple we are.”

“Did you correct it?” I asked her.

“No, did you?” I shaked my head.

“We should continue driving if we still want to make it today.” She called Balu and secured him on the backseat while I covered up the truck bed. Then we continued to drive.

Meanwhile it had started to become dark and we were still pretty far away from the National Park. There were many trucks driving past us and I noticed Emma cramping up every time they drove past us. After a while I had to stop at a gas station. I wanted to give her a break but didn`t wanted to say it out straight. I filled the pick-up with gas and then drove it to the parking lot before I went to pay.
I asked for the nearest Motel. To the National Park we would need several more hours and I wasn`t sure that Emma could hold it together any longer. She seemed scared and I didn`t know why. I didn`t want to ask. She had been so open for the past days she would tell what was wrong when she wanted to.

While Scott went to pay I had walked Balu a bit over the parking area. I had to get that sound out of my head that a truck makes every time they pass us. Soon the lights would be there as well. I just wanted to arrive at the house. Wanted to have todays journey past me. Wanted to relax. I knew that an accident wasn`t going to happen every time I sat in a car. I knew chances to be the victim of a car accident twice were not as high but I was still scared. I could have told Scott about it. He would have stopped at a Motel and we would have continued our journey the next day but someday I had to make it through this so that everything would become normal again.

I saw Scott coming out of the store and walked back to the car. I secured Balu in the backseat and then took my seat.
We continued to drive. It was completely dark now. The lights of the cars passing by lightened up and then again one of these trucks. There was the bright light that blinded me. My breath went faster. My heartbeat was speeding. I couldn`t breathe. I panicked.

She started to hyperventilate. I couldn`t stop anywhere so I took her hand and started to talk to her calmly.

“Okay Emma, it is okay, just breathe in and breathe out, focus on that, think of the beach, the ocean, the waves, the sound of the ocean, focus on that not on the traffic, focus on the ocean,” I kept talking to her and she calmed down. I stopped at the next Motel and asked her to wait for a moment. Once I had checked in and gotten the keys I went back to get Emma and Balu out of the car. I helped her into the room and set her down on the bed. I then went and left warm water into the bathtub. She would be able to relax in the bath. Then I went through some take away flyers I had taken from the front desk and ordered some food. While she was taking her bath I went outside with Balu and waited for the food to get delivered.

When I came back in with the food in my hands she was leaning over her bag searching for the body lotion wearing a towel. I put the food on the table and then went towards her. I opened the site pocket of her bag and gave her the body lotion.

“Excuse me I am still a bit…” I didn`t know what the right word was, maybe confused, maybe shaken.
“It is fine. There is food so if you want to throw on some clothes.”

I took a T-Shirt out of my bag and some Shorts. I dressed myself in the bathroom quickly and then came back.

I couldn`t really eat. I had the feeling that I had to explain myself at the same time I had the feeling he understood. He had immediately stopped at the next Motel and made me a bath so that I could relax and he had ordered my favorite food.

“Thank you”, was everything I could say right now before I stood up and walked to bed fighting with my tears. I hated it. That I couldn`t control my fear. That I couldn`t control this feeling to not being able to control a thing. I wanted to learn to let go so that it would become easier. Letting go and relaxing was really difficult as I had never learned it. It was unusual today. Today everybody had always everything under control and those that hadn`t were strange. They were so strange that they got abandoned from society. Scott laid down beside me.

“Being angry at yourself for it just makes it worth” he said and took me into his arms. He turned on the TV and started zapping until he had found a movie that fit. An action movie. Perfect for getting out those aggressions as well as laughing. But those movies were also often far away from reality, I thought. After a while I was completely focused on the movie.

She relaxed and had fallen asleep in my arms before the movie had ended. She looked peaceful and smiled in her sleep. What might she be dreaming, I thought when I turned off the TV and went to sleep as well.