Monday, April 25, 2016

Bikini Series 2016! Week 1 Day 1

Hi everyone!

Today it got real. It is officially Day 1 of Week 1 of the 2016 Bikini Series!

My alarm went off today morning at 5:50 am. I don`t feel it is a great time to wake up but I actually was awake by 5:45 am. Yes I was that excited to get started to achieve these goals (which I still need to write in my Journal and which I still need to share here). So I grabbed my workout clothes which I had already laid out last night and was on my Yoga mat by 6am as I had planned it.

So my Tone it up Bootycall was Yoga Camp Day 12. The mantra for today was I trust which was an amazing mantra to kick off this Series.

I trust in myself.
I trust that I will reach my goals.
I trust that I will give my best every single day.
I trust that my body will thank me.
I trust... (you know just complete the sentence).

I loved todays Yoga practice and it was amazing for that bootycall. It didn`t make me sweat (which frankly I didn`t want to as I have to leave for university 8am) but it got my blood flowing and that is the goal of that bootycall.

After I was done doing my yoga I went into the kitchen to take my medicine and to throw that breakfast together (check my last post for the recipe here). While that was simmering away on the stove I got ready. Gave me a quick over all bodywash and cleansed my face. Put on some quick every day makeup (check my routine here) and went downstairs to serve my breakfast. I topped that Quinoa Porridge of with 2tsp Vanilla Coconut Milk Yoghurt and 2tsp of that apple banana sauce.
I then continued with my bad habbit and turned on the daily morning TV to watch some news and gossip while I had my breakfast, as well as chatting to my mom, cuddling the dog (basically the usual). I need a really long time in the morning to really wake up. As I still had some time left I took another look at my notes for todays class and then took off to university.

Enjoying loud music in the car (my cardio playlist) for that 1 hour drive.
Today classroom was in the 4th floor and I took the stairs (one of my goals).
After my class I had 1/2 a banana to get me over the hunger until I came home. Where I first thing made myself the Blueberry Bombshell which is the Smoothie of the week in my journal.
It was really yummy and filling.
This gave me another 2 1/2 hours to read Niel Lyhne by J.P. Jacobsen which is one of the lectures of todays class. Once I finished my chapters that I had planned for today I continued reading the book which is lecture for my norwegian class.
Meanwhile I had sipped up my first liter of water for the day.

I had planned my workout for 4.30pm and I was on my mat by that time and had everything set up, ready to start.
As planned I did the Rock your Body workout from the Beach Babe 4 which actually made me sweat a bit. I loved the new moves. The whole workout was great. It was challenging and I had to adjust one of the moves but it wasn`t too challenging. I actually still had enough energy to go for a second round, but decided not to as I first wanted to see how sore I will be tomorrow. If it is not too bad I will go for two rounds the next time.

I hydrated with another 1/2 liter of water and then read for another 30 minutes while my Broccoli-Pea-White Bean soup was warming up (you can find my recipe in yesterdays Bikini Series post as well).
I decided on two slices of glutenfree bread to that soup as the serving was smaller than I thought and I had skipped my Meal 4.
Now I am all ready to relax and cuddle up with the dog on the couch and watch Laura Diamond, while drinking my good night tea, which is lemon and ginger today with some mint leaves.

Only two thinks left before I go to bed:

1. get the spinning bike back into the living room for tomorrows bootycall
2. lay out workout and normal clothes.

So this was my day one which went incredibly and unexpectedly well.
I will be back tomorrow evening with the update on day 2.

I hope you all are doing fine and enjoyed today.

See you soon