Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bikini Series Day 3

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all doing fine.
It is day 3 of the Bikini Series and I started it with a killer workout.
First I did the K&K Slay from the Beach Babe 4. I had to modify the jump moves as I don't want to put pressure on my knee considering my weight. So for the jumpsquats I raised up on my toes, for the plyo lunges I did normal lunges alternating legs.
This workout really got my heartrate up so that I had to breathe it down before I went on to my next Workout from the Beach Babe 4 Toned Arms. I just love the Beach in this workouts makes me dream myself there which gives me the extra motivation.
Toned Arms is an amazing workout. I didn't use a heavy weight, but the high reps still got me in trouble and showed me how weak my left shoulder is compared to my right shoulder.
Got to work on that.
I followed those two Tone it up Workouts up with Day 14 of Yoga Camp from Yoga with Adriene. The Mantra was go with the flow and of course it was flow that got me sweating but it was good to let go and to focus. I enjoyed my morning routine.

So while my breakfast (Vanilla-Apple-Banana-Quinoa-Porridge) was on the stove I went up took a quick shower and got ready for uni. Today I started later and it somehow seems to mess with my hunger. I came home and had a hunger for bread with an egg, so I had that. It is all about balance.
After a walk with the dog I had a craving again and went with that one cookie. I don't regret it. As I said it is about balance. When you work hard days like today are allowed.

Now I have just had my Black Bean soup (Recipe in sundays meal prep post) and set down to watch Greys Anatomy. I haven't studied today. Again it is all about balance.

Tomorrow is a new day to challenge myself to make good choices. My workout clothes are laid out and my alarm is set.

Take care


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