Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bikini Series Day 4

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all feeling well.

So although I am writing this Thursday post on a Saturday, I took my notes for Thursday.

I knew days like these would happen and that is actually why I got asked to blog my Bikini Series. I just wasn`t prepared for them to happen already that fast. It wasn`t in any relation to the Bikini Series it was just life happening. Life with several chronic diseases.

So I woke up as planned at 5:50 am and did my Tone it up Bootycall. Which actually was Yoga Camp Day 15. The mantra was I am open which was a great mantra to start the day with.
A lot of stretching and opening up which was much needed.
I then got my usual breakfast ready (Vanilla-Apple-Mango-Quinoa Porridge topped with vanilla coconut milk yoghurt and Apple Mango Sauce) on the stove and got up to get ready myself.

For today my mom came with me to University. No worries she didn`t acually participate. She came along for our big monthly grocery haul and the store she prefers is on my way to university. We had also planned to eat out and walk around the city a bit.
So she had taken a book with her and was waiting for me for two hours while I had my norwegian class (where we are currently talking about the sea and fishing).

The thing was that when we arrived the weather was dry but cold. When I came out of my lecture it was sunny and warm (not that I have something against that). Long story short the weather kept basically changing every hour which was completely messing with my blood pressure as well as my asthma. I felt easily out of breath due to the cold air I was inhaling and I felt dizzy every time the temperature went up (we talk 10°C differences).

So I was so far fine when we got out to eat. We ordered Chikken Tikka Masala as well as Fish Curry and were eating from both dished equally. It was very light and not too spicy so I only needed little rice and little bread. We shared a big bottle of water so I was hydrated as well.
But about one and a half hour after we had eaten I started complaining about joint pains as well as dizziness which clearly is the weather to blame for.

So I walked around a lot that day and also completed all shopping but when I came home I decided to rest.
I was thinking back and forth several times and then decided to take a look at the cardio flow before I decide for good. For my taste and my ability to work out right now the pace was way too fast as well as my body was telling me "I need to rest".
So I rescheduled my University to do list as well to Friday (as I have free on Fridays) and Saturday.

After that Chicken Tikka Masala I just had one cookie right when we came back and didn`t felt hungry for the rest of the day. So went to bed early and decided that tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to go for that gold.


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