Friday, April 22, 2016

Changes are right around the corner

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are feeling fine.
Back in February I wrote a post about what this blog was about and now I finally want to go into it.
I want to show you more about my life with Hashimoto, Asthma and Allergies but also just everyday life.
If these private posts are not your thing no need to worry, there will be plenty of others posts about makeup, skincare, food (be on the lookout for recipes in these private posts as well), books, etc.
Just don`t worry I got you covered.

So with these changes coming to this blog (and there have already been plenty changes, just think of the layout...) you might think why? Why now?

It is easy to answer. When I started my blog last summer the plan was to share with you how my life looks with Hashimotos and all the other stuff that came with it such as food allergies, skin reactions, etc. but I didn`t do that. I tried to incorporate it but I wasn`t quiet ready to do so. I talked about depressions and weightloss yes, but I tried to keep it as neutral as possible. I talked about makeup products and skincare. I mentioned the problems about dry skin but then again about breaking out. But was that really personal? I let you answer this question.

For me this wasn`t about my Hashimoto and I still don`t want it to be about that to be honest. Yes I do have Hashimotos which means I have thyroid issues but also issues with my immune system. All this is also causing my extreme allergies and food intolerances. It is causing a lack in stress resistance as well as weight issues.

Last year I was stuck. I had just gotten my Bachelor degree but no job. I had just been diagnosed with Hashimotos and heavy asthma. And I had to learn to deal with all of that. I wanted out of the unemployement thing but at the same time I couldn`t handle the stress off the tourism industry. I had to accept mentally that there were changes ahead I didn`t really want to happen. I had to accept the fact that I had to decide on the changes for my life. That was when I started law school which honestly wasn`t my thing. It was stressful again and not really what I wanted. It was an easy way out when I needed it but it made me sick. It made my immune system incredible weak and I ended up having pneumonia for almost three months (yep three months).

That was when I started rethinking and when I was finally ready to start changing what had to change. While I had pneumonia I was too tired to cook the food that had helped me so good during the first half of 2015, I hadn`t worked out (of course I hadn`t I was breathing like Darth Vader) and I have totally forgotten that life is too short to be unhappy.
So about three weeks ago I had taken the step and talked to my mom about what I wanted to do. What I think I could do. What I think I would enjoy.

Yes, changes are right around the corner. Some changes are already made. I have inofficially changed subjects at uni (I will officially change in the fall semester, as I missed the deadline for this semester). I am now studying Finnougristics and Scandinavian. I am basically doing what I enjoy doing. I am reading books. I am reading them, learning to analyse them. I learn about the history and the culture. I am doing what I enjoy doing.

Of course there are some people who don`t like my decision. Who think it is stupid. Who think I should just go and get a job with what I already learned. Who think I am studying too long. I usually just like to quote my favourite movie.

It is my decision, it is my life

What is it that makes people think that they know what other people should do in and for their lifes? (I often wander that) 
The last year had teached me a lot. It has teached me to set myself first but didn`t learned that on my own. As some of you may know I follow Tone it up since summer 2012 but never really committed to it before last summer. When I got invited to a group of beautiful european Tone it up girls. I committed to do the Bikini Series 2015 workout wise but not food wise. I decided to keep up my autoimmune paleo nutrition which I had started in the beginning of 2015. I had also started with yoga (find out my thoughts on yoga here). During that series I lost more than 50cm over all and 8kg. 
It was the first step towards changing my imbalance on sports and food. It happened thought that I couldn`t keep it up while I was unhappy and stressed out with the whole University situation.

Now that this is over, now that I have accepted the things that have changed I am ready to make changes myself.
I am for the first time fully committed to a Bikini Series (which starts April 25th). I am aware that the nutritionplan won`t work completely with my budget and with what I am able to eat. I am also aware that I might have to make adjustments to the workout plan (after all everybodies interests and strengths are different) and I got asked to do so on my blog.

So beside the changes in my life there will be a change on the blog. I will blog through the Bikini Series. I will show you what I eat (personal recipes included) and I will show you how I integrate my workouts into my daily life.
I will hopefully be able to give you daily updates, while the posts about Something special will be up as usual (no worries on that one).

I hope you will enjoy what`s coming up and if you are in for it let me know in the comments below.

See you soon


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