Monday, April 4, 2016

Favourite Foods made healthy! - Tiramisu

Hi everyone!

Ooops!!! I meant soaked Cashews whenever I said pecans!!! I hope you haven't tried it with pecans yet! You need Cashews (too many sorts of nuts in my kitchen)

You may all know it - food intolerances these days are a huge problem and getting your favourite foods match your intolerances is an even bigger problem. With my autoimmunity I started to react to more and more foods not necessarily in the way of allergies but I saw other problems such as bloating, fatigue, problems with concentrating, etc. The list is long.

As I hear and see more and more people talking about food intolerances and how difficult it is for them to adjust to them as they feel they are missing out on their favourite foods I decided on starting a new series on my blog. It will be a more irregular series where I post recipes of my favourite foods that I switched up to match with my intolerances. As I am in a constant process of finding recipes that work I can`t tell exactly when new recipes will be up but I will update on my social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter and Google+) so if you follow me there you`ll know for sure when it is up and when there are new recipes around. I hope you understand that ongoing process and that you will stay tuned.

So this series starts with an all time favourite. Tiramisu. Now lets first take a look at why Tiramisu is very difficult for me in its original form. Tiramisu in its original form which I by the way love (thanks Italy for bringing this heavenly food to us) contains dairy, it contains gluten, it contains probably some sugar and it contains alcohol. All which you will not find in this recipe.

#1 soak 1 1/2 cup of pecans for at least 4-6 hours in water (I let them soak over night)

#2 boil some water, soak 5 to 6 dates in it for about 10 minutes so they are easier to process for your blender

#3 get the water off the dates and the pecans

#4 put the dates, 125 grams of ground almonds, 1 tsp instant espresso and some vanilla extract in a blender until they are smooth. You will end up with a sticky dough. 

The espresso is optional you could go without it too. I like the taste though.

#5 add the base into your tiramisu form and press it down with your fingers

#6 put the pecans, 2 Tbsp of coconut cream (you get that by putting your can of coconut milk into the fridge over night as well and then opening it at the bottom, you will see that the cream is seperated from the coconut water which you need to fill off the can and then you are left with the cream in the bottom of your can), 2 Tbsp of maple syrup, 1 Tbsp of almond milk and fresh vanilla into a blender until you have smooth creamy texture.

You can add more maple syrup to it if you want it to be sweeter. I felt 2 Tbsp were enough.

#7 Fill the cream filling onto your base in an even layer and then freeze for about 1 to 2 hours after that dust some cocoa powder on top.

You are now ready to taste this lovely favourite food with a healthy twist. I hope you enjoy make sure to leave me a comment below or tag me in your pictures on instagram or twitter so that I can see what you came up with in your own kitchen.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon.


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