Wednesday, April 13, 2016

MAC Haul!!! New additions to my collection!

Hi everyone!

Time for a new post that shows my love for MAC products. So over the past few months I have added some new products to my collection, which I am very happy about.
I have carefully chosen from my MAC wishlist so that the products add up to create one look but also more than just that one, lets just say the colours match.

So starting with the product I have obviously used the most in the last five months (can`t believe it is already five month ago that I bought this holy grail) which is the Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20. Lets face it this one is never ever going to be substituted with another concealer. I have very dry skin around my eyes and very dark circles and this creamy concealer is just perfect. It doesn`t dry out my skin anymore, it doesn`t crease throughout the day (and I do not always set it with a powder, only on warm days) and a bonus it manages to absolutely cover my dark circles. I often use it to highlight as well as usually one pump is way to much for just my eyes (I wish it came with an applicator not a pump) but otherweise it is perfect. I have used it on my mother and it didn`t even settle into fine lines. So if you are looking for a good concealer but don`t want to spent too much on it go with this one (did I mention I used it now for 5 months and there is still half of the amount left).

On to another product I constantly use but which isn`t on the picture Fix +. Now I would say it isn`t doing the job it should do, it doesn`t fix your make up at least I do not feel it does, but it hydrates my skin and if you overpowdered your skin it makes everything blend in together perfectly. It gives you a dewy finish which I love and as I have dry skin I love how hydrating it is and that I can just spritz it again on my face through out the day (there is a travel sized bottle as well). As my makeup usually lasts me all day without any problems I do not care much about the fact that it isn`t fixing it anymore. For me it is just a wonderful product I can`t live without.

As I wanted a translucent setting powder but didn`t want to spent too much money on it I went and bought the Prep+Prime Transluscent Finishing Powder (I hope that was the name, anyway it is a finishing powder). I went a bit back and forth wether I should purchase it or not. I haven`t heared much about it on youtube or read about it on other blogs. I always saw people recommended the Laura Mercier Powder which I felt I didn`t want to spent that much money for. So with that said I didn`t make a mistake purchasing this powder by MAC. I got a bit confused with the packaging and I am quiet sure I haven`t figured it really out yet but what matters is that this powder works. It works. I first used it to only set my concealer but I have started to use it more and more for my whole face and it is amazing. I would say it might actually be underrated. It doesn`t make me look powdery and doesn`t kills my "glow" (which I like) completely but it keeps me from getting oily in my T-Zone (yes even though I tend to have dry skin my T-Zone can be crazy).
So if you are still considering what to buy don`t forget this powder as it is not as expansive as most of the other once most youtubers talk about.

Now on to the next products.
I can`t actually tell how many MAC eyeshadows have so far and how long my wishlist still is, but trust me when I say this was a hard choice. I decided on four eyeshadows that went well together. Eyeshadows I could create a natural look with, a bit more dramatic daytime look and a night time look.

So the first eyeshadow the light shadow close to my wrist is Shroom it is beautiful highlight shade (yes I actually used it as a cheek bone highlight as well) it is not too shimmery and not too white. It is just perfect for me. If you like a stronger highlight I would go with Nylon but for me Shroom is perfect.

The eyeshadow next to Shroom is Soft Brown which is a perfect transition colour for my skin tone for some very pale people this might be too red so this might not be perfect for everyone but for me it is. It blends beautifully and not just with the other colours from this post. It works with so many other shades well I was actually surprised.
It works fine on its own for a natural look as well.
Next to Soft Brown we have Swiss Chocolate and what can I say, I love it. It is such a beautiful chocolate warm brown it is in my case absolutely day time approved if I go for a stronger daytime look. The colour payoff is of course and as usual with MAC amazing. For me an absolute must have if you like a warm tone smokey eye.
Next to Swiss Chocolate is Embark now this shadow was close to not getting buyed by me. I had my first and hopefully my last bad experience at MAC. I went with my wishlist to the counter in another city I usually buy my MAC products at and I also had a list of which shadows I already own. I told the woman at the counter that I wasn`t sure weather I should buy a highlight shade or something more dark for a warm smokey brown. She obviously didn`t want to help me, she just kept repeating that I could create many looks with the shadows I already have (hello!!! I wanted to buy a new one not being told I do not need another eyeshadow). So I again asked what she would think would work with Swiss Chocolate and Soft Brown and she just told me that Embark wouldn`t be it as it is from another collection. Long story short I obviously knew more about the shades they have than she did so I just went a long and bought Embark (and yes I am not going to buy at that counter again). Embark is a very dark brown with i would say purply undertones when I look at it in the packaging. Trust me when I say it blends perfectly with the other shades for a darker but yet still warm smokey eye. It is also nice as a heavy smokey eye all over your lid and then you blend it out with soft brown and a bit of swiss chocolate. I really like it as it is really dark but not black.

Next to Embark you see Something Special which is a corally Cremeblend Blush. Perfect for everyday and also an evening look, just overall perfect. I always grab that one when I am in a hurry and just don`t have the time for much. I apply it with my fingers (dap and drag). The pigmentation is great and I would say it is worth the money to at least have one cremeblend blush.

Beside the Blush you see one of the most hyped highlighters and now I really know why. Soft and gentle (which is a Mineralize Skinfinish I think, well it is mineralized) is one of those soft highlights that still is a highlight. It might seem a bit glittery swatched but applied to your cheek bones it just gives you this beautiful glow. I needed about two tries to figure out that not as with my wet n wild highlighter need to apply more and more. I mean it dip your brush in it once an it is enough. Such a beautiful glow I could go on and on about how much I love it. (The holy grail)

I also got two more lipsticks.

The left one is Brave and the right one is the Viva Glam II. I always loved Brave but once I got the Viva Glam II I found my new everyday go to colour. I don`t know why and most people would probably not see a difference in them but I do.
Brave has way more pinky undertones in it than the Viva Glam has which is more nude on my lips (which are quiet pigmented on its own). I also love the formula of the viva Glam II more it is definetly more hydrating than Brave where as Brave is more matte on my lips as well.
But those two work fine together as well. I recently began using brave first then blotted my lips and dapped the Viva Glam II over it. No matter what these two are the two lipstick I love the most of all the lipsticks I have.

So these were all new additions to my MAC collection.
I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you understand my obsession with MAC, maybe you are even as crazy about MAC products as I am.
So let me know in the comments below:
What are your favourite products from MAC?
What is on your wishlist?

I hope to see you soon again.


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