Monday, April 18, 2016

My thoughts on "The Hunger Games"

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Today I am going to talk about my thoughts on The Hunger Games. This is not an actual review of the books or the movies, just the thoughts I had while reading it and how I came to read it.

Let`s face it, The Hunger Games wouldn`t have been a book I had bought without knowing it. It is standing in the young adults and fantasy section of our local book store. Sections I don`t enter. I am more into crime books and just every day real life. The same counts for the movies.
So in reality me reading these books or watching the movies was something I never imagined before that one day. That day when I visited my first AuPair family and we decided to watch a movie which turned out to be The Hunger Games. I didn`t got hooked on the movies right away didn`t understand them right away maybe.

My first impression were this reminds me of Germany during the time of World War 2 but I through those thoughts aside and focused on an amazing Jennifer Lawrence and how she made it (Spoiler Alert) out of the arena.
After that I watched this movie over and over again until Catching Fire came out. I watched that one and it started to make more and more sense. I haven`t watched the two final ones yet as I decided I wait for the big DVD Box and then watch them all in one night.

Eventually as the waiting was killing me I decided I wanted to read those books. Get a deeper understanding of the story and really in my opinion you need to read the books. So many things suddenly made sense and added up that I didn`t understand by just watching the movies.

Yes I got that they had the capital with all the rich people. A city that kept the small districts "small" and poor. That let the people in these districts kill each other for their amusement and to remind them how a revolution ended in yearly hunger games. I understood that. What I didn`t understood by just watching the movies was that this is closer to reality than we think. I always just saw those special effects, the fights, the mutations (completely leaving out how I could interpret the mutations). All that suddenly made so much more sense once I read the first book.
Once I understood that standing up and volunteering to be tribute to protect her sister already was an act of rebellion in the system of the capitol. Knowing that so many human things Katniss did were all counted as an rebellion (thinking I would have done the same if I would have been in her shoes).
Suddenly it added up. Since I had watched the The Hunger Games and Catching fire before reading the books I easily visualized what happened. The other way around after reading the books it was easier to understand how and why Katniss acts in a certain way in the movies.

Then I read Mockingjay the book I was most excited but also scared about. I was prepared for a rebellion but I wasn`t prepared for District 13. For me it was basically the same dictatorial regime as the Capitol. But again I thought there is so much more reality in all this then I could have ever imagined.

I thought more and more that why haven`t we read books like this in school. Why did we read all this classics when these books could have teached us so much more. Why don`t they start reading it in school? I really believe these books are worth reading no matter what age we are one (well except of toddlers). I really think teenagers should read it but also their parents should so that they could talk about it if there are questions.
I think this book has so much reality between the lines if you can read between the lines of course.

As I said I am hooked. I love these books I loved the first two movies and I will probably also love the last two movies although I think the ending will be different from the one in the books but soon I will know that.

Have you read the books? Have you watched the movies? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below and I hope for those who haven`t read the books yet that I didn`t gave too much away.


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