Friday, April 1, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 44

The next morning we were the old dreamteam again, painting the huts. Emma painted me a bit and I punished her by doing the same. We had told Martha that we wouldn`t be there for the reopening. Emma had booked the second cabin, the one close to the national park from Saturday on, but she had also said that she would call in the case we wouldn`t make it until Saturday. The owner had told us that it wasn`t a problem. We should just call his wife an hour before we would arrive and she would bring us the key and show us around.

I was incredible excited when I thought of the concert but at the same time I was sad when I thought of Lexie. But I couldn`t change it. She had asked me yesterday where my parents were. I told her the truth. Lexie had given me a big bear hug afterwards but didn`t say a word.

I focused on my work. We wouldn`t be able to stop by for a longer time tomorrow as we had to pack so we had to finish the things on our plan mostly today.
Scott had looked up Motels we could stay at after the concert before we went to bed last night. I didn`t know if he had booked one already. Balu seemed to be happy at every place we went to so far, as long as I was there.

“And another point we could cross of our list,” Scott dragged me out of my thoughts.

“Yes, it was different then I imagined it, but…”

“But you did learn something new?”

“Exactly,” I said while I kept thinking of Lexie and of course of the other children. Children that all deserved a family but that were in a children`s home. In a smalltown often forgotten by the system.

The day did flew by and Thursday would fly by in a second as well.
Thursday evening was a quiet one. After I had said farewell to Lexie I wanted to be for myself. I had left a short letter for Lexie in which I told her that she could always call me, with my telephone number and address. Lexie had really gotten a place in my heart. Even though she had been through so much she was still one of the most joyful children in the children`s home. But still she was often overseen as she was so quiet and for herself. I really hope that she will find a family and if not I was at least sure that this smalltown would make a family for her. With those thoughts I went to bed Thursday night.

Tomorrow we would continue our roadtrip.

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