Friday, April 15, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 47

When I woke up Emma was gone. I looked out of the rooms window but couldn`t see her. She had probably taken Balu for a walk. I decided to use the moment to take a shower.

When I came out of the bathroom she came through the door carrying a big paper bag. I was just about to get dressed when she asked, “don`t you want to eat first? As long as it is warm?” She had really bought my favorite breakfast. Where did she got it? I hadn`t seen a restaurant. I sat down in my shorts and started eating right away.

“A few minutes down the road is a small diner. I was there with Balu”, she explained. When I she was done eating she stood up and got something else out of the bag. I did thought that she might have bought some snacks for the remaining trip but what she had taken out of the bag was too big for that.

“That is for you”, she said putting it right in front of me on the table and then explained, “so that you can keep the beautiful moments for the future and don`t forget them or have to search for them in your memory.”

I unwrapped it. I was for sure surprised when I saw that she had bought me a camera. She wanted to thank me for the concert tickets. She also wanted to thank me for not asking about what had happened yesterday. That I had given her her space.

Right after we had had breakfast we checked out and started to continue our journey. We arrived at lunchtime. It was a beautiful cabin in the woods. Just like the first one we had been to. The cabin owner`s wife was already waiting to give us the key and feed us with the information we needed. She wished us a pleasant stay and then excused herself. She had friend who was waiting in the car. We could hear her say “what a beautiful couple” to her friend when she went into the car. We both started to say “We are not…” but she had already closed the car door and started to drive.

“Why do they all think we are a couple?” I asked him irritated. He just raised his shoulders and laughed. We started to load our things from the truck. We wanted it comfortable in the cabin as we would stay for a couple of days. Once we were done we took Balu for a long walk. Through the forest to the National Park where we made an appointment for the climbing park. I was horrified about it but it was on my list.

Scott had taken his camera directly with him. He had started to take pictures of everything that came in front of his lens. At least it felt this way. He photographed leaves, flowers, Balu, the sky, me. I just didn`t get it. What was so beautiful with these things?

He would probably photograph everything in the climbing park tomorrow as well. My panic, my insecurity, all the faces I am going to make while climbing around in trees. I was really horrified about it but for now I would enjoy the evening. Enjoy that we had arrived. Enjoy the fresh and clean air. The silence. No cars passing by. No arguing neighbors. Enjoy that nobody could observe us. That we could do whatever we want to do. Well I still couldn`t run around naked in the house, because there was Scott but otherwise we were free. And tomorrow I would be able to cross another point of my list.

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