Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 48

I am afraid of the height. I was afraid of a lot of things, mainly of the things which I had no control of. Scott was an adrenaline addict. During breakfast I let Scott know that I no matter what wouldn't climb through the trees on my own. He did promise to help me if I afterwards would try it on my own. With that said I would have to von through it twice. I had gotten myself into this situation.

We got two safety and security sets that we had to take on. After that we got explained how to behave at each station and they we were ready to go.

"Remember, I am always right behind you" he said while I slowely climbed up the ladder to the first station. Insecure.

Just don't look down was the only thing I could tell myself now. I mean I had already problems standing on a chair. Everytime I looked down everything became foggy and I had the feeling of falling. Today I would have to learn to deal with it even when everything was shaking, when there was no ground under my feet. Just planks I had to balance on. A couple of trees I had to climb up.
I was standing at the next station. It was a bridge to another tree made of lonely planks swinging on a rope. Between the swinging planks there was nothing else than air. I hesitated. Didn't want to go. Move. Scott was directly behind me. Told me that I am capeable. I should just focus on the next plank, not the space in between the planks.
Inhale, exhale and walk. Step on the plank. Not look down. That was how the whole way to the next tree would be like. Scott was always just one plank behind me. Don't embarass yourself just move on I told myself. After the first three planks I was over my fear and made it quickly to the next tree. I waited until Scott had made it to the platform too.

"You made it!"

"Yes. It wasn't as hard as I had thought," I said. Proud. I climbed my way up to the next platform on the tree. I was amazed about my courage and how quickly I had lost my fear. If I would fall the rope would catch me. I couldn't get enough of it. I was really quick but being faster aus Scott was probably impossible in all fields.

Once I was back on the ground I knew I get through another round on my own and I was ready to so so. Scott said he wanted to keep his gear on in case I needed help he could be right there.
He picked his camera up and started photographing.

I was fascinated how she could be scared of something so much but at the same time enjoy it so much.

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