Monday, April 25, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 49

We spent the rest of the week going for walks and on hikes through the National Park. The hikes weren`t like the ones we had thought of when we wrote our lists but they already took about five to six hours. I was experimenting with the camera. I wanted to capture the smallest detail when I saw something beautiful. While I did that I didn`t notice that the object was Emma for most of the times. We had a lot of fun. Learned more about our interests and wishes. We cooked together. Emma had made big progress in the kitchen. She wasn`t any longer just in the place of a kitchen help.

I had started to write again but had kept it to myself. Didn`t want to pressure myself. I had time. Maybe my idea wouldn`t become anything more than just an idea. Maybe I would throw it away. Even if I would do so I was sure that I would find another solution, pick up another idea. Right now I just wanted to be happy. And I was happy the way everything was.

We hadn`t noticed how we became closer. How we lay there arm in arm watching movies. How we danced through the house to loud music. For us it was natural at that time. We got along. Were friends. Understood each other more and more without needing to talk. We felt amazing the way it was and we were hoping for our friendship to continue even after this roadtrip. That was it. A friendship. At least that was what we told the cabin owner when she one more time mentioned what a beautiful couple we were when we handed her the keys of the cabin back.

"Oh we are just friends" had been our answer before we had gotten into the car and continued our journey.

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