Friday, April 29, 2016

Something Special for you! Chapter 50

We arrived at the next cabin late that night. The drive was long but I had made it without panicing. I felt save with Scott. He had shown me that if I just focus on my goal I could do anything and so far he had always been right with it. During todays drive I had focused on my goal. The mountains. The hike and the camping. I couldn`t wait for it. I was so excited. I wasn`t just excited for the camping. The last days Scott and I had become closer. Not on purpose though. It did just happen and although we had told the last cabins owner that we were just friends it didn`t came over my lips easily. I still had that unwritten point on my list, maybe I would be able to cross it off earlier than planned.

We had arrived. While we carried our stuff inside the cabin Balu was running around the house. We were both hungry, so we began to cook something quick together. 
After dinner we started to pack our bags for tomorrow as well as the camping gear.

"Which tent shall we take?" We had bought three tents as Emma couldn`t decide on one. I hope that she would be able to make a decision now so that I don`t had to carry all three with me tomorrow. She just had to decide.

"I hope you don`t think I am sleeping alone in a tent in the wilderness?"
No I had never thought that, but pressuring her or forcing her to do something was nothing I wanted to do. She usually made three steps backwards then and that was nothing I wanted to risk. That she may have reconsidered our trip. Now we were here. No I was able to pressure her a tiny bit.

"So then the one with the two cabins?"

"Or the one with just one cabin", she said and smiled at me, provocative.

"Maybe I should ask you out on a Date some day, then?" 

I knew that he was joking but wasn`t against a date in general.

"Ask me again when we are back from our camping trip alive."

I had expected another answer. Only a week ago she would have reacted angrily, but by now she knew when I was joking. Although I actually meant it. I didn`t had anything against a date. I already wanted to ask her out the first time I met her, but back then the moment wasn`t right so I had put it aside.
Balu was running around us waving with his tail in excitement while we were packing our bags.

I was packing clothes, sunscreen and toothpaste first into my backpack. Then Balus foldable bowls, food and the snacks for Scott and me that we had prepared earlier. I put a campingmat and a sleeping bag to it. Scott would take the drinks as well as the tent. He would have taken more if I wouldn`t have insisted on carring my part. I had been really stubborn.

I gave him the hiking map and then took off into the bathroom and then into bed. We would have to get up early the next morning.

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