Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bikini Series Day 7

Hi everyone!

It is Day 7 of the Bikini Series which means I made it through week one!!!

I am really proud of myself I must admit. As self critical and impatient as I am I of course complained today morning about not seeing any progress but once I set my Week 0 pictures beside my Week 1 pictures I was impressed about the progress I made. (You can find the pictures on my Instagram account).
I am definetly taking it up a notch next week (highly motivated over here).

Lets talk about today.

I woke up at 8:30am took the dog for a quick walk and then did my Tone it up bootycall which was the Bikini Body routine from the Beach Babe DVD 4 and Yoga Camp Day 18. The mantra was I surrender (not saying anything to that today).
I loved the Bikini Body workout and want to go for two rounds the next time or pair it up with something else.

My breakfast today was spelt bread (I tolerate spelt, whereas wheat and other corn are causing my stomach and skin to react) with one egg. (Lets call it a Sunday Breakfast).

I then relaxed a bit watching Step Up and Step up to the Streets (I love Dance movies).

I had to work on my presentation on Minna Canths book (Agnes) for my Finnish literature course which I did after the movies.
I then went for another walk with my dog before doing my PMWO which was Legs for Days which is also from the BB4 I should have definetly gone for two rounds and I will do so next time.
Followed up with a warm bath and a fruit salad afterwards.

Now watching The Biggest Looser (my motivation) while warming up my Dinner which is the same as yesterday (Chinese Veggies with rice and italian sausage).

Going to watch a Crime movie later and then I will go to bed early.

My workout clothes are laid out. Just have to plan my workouts for next week, unless for Wednesday as I have already planned a buddy Workout with some TIU ladies. We will be doing a Total Body workout by Adam Rosante which is a killer workout.

All in all I am happy with my week one and will keep it going.
I am definetly seeing changes in how I look and how I feel. My mindset has changed and I am looking forward to my workouts and meals.
I love how my week has gotten a routine. I am sleeping a lot better and I am able to fall asleep early and get up early without any problems.
My skin looks better and I am overall happier.
I had a great start into the challenge.

Lets see what week two brings.


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