Monday, May 2, 2016

Bikini Series Week 2 Day 1

Hi everyone!

Sorry for this going up so late.
There were so many things I had to reflect on and think about.
If you have read my previous post on the Bikini Series you know that I w.asn`t too happy with my results. And when I stepped on the scale on this day, the first day of week 2 I actually got a shock.
I had gained. Not much but I had gained. I didn`t understand why. I had been eating clean. I had worked out and I am nowhere near a weight where I gain and not loose. So this was not acceptable for me.
I walked on the scale several times but the result was the same. I had gained.
As disappointed as I was I went to do my Bootycall to get my head free and I chose to do Yoga first.
It was Day 19 of Yoga Camp and the mantra was I respect. Although my brain was working strong with what just had happened on the scale I got it managed to focus on my yoga and really enjoyed it.

I had the usual Quinoa Porridge for breakfast and then went to Uni.
Still wondering what had happened on that scale.

Once I was back from Uni I read the articles I had scheduled for Monday while eating my fruit salad (banana, apple and pineapple) and then went up for my pm Workout which was Hiit Me Up and Toned arms from the Beach Babe 4. I am wondering wether to write or not to write a review on the new DVD once I have tried all of the workouts.
So far I can see I loved Hiit Me Up, definetly one of my favourite Tone it up Hiit routines.
I went with a slightly heavier weight for my arm workout. I don`t use heavy weights. As some of you my know I struggle a bit with my shoulders and neck. I easily feel a strong pain and a restriction in movement if I overdo it. So I am going with light weights. I increased it slightly by 0,5kg more per weight and it is great. Once I get used to it I will just repeat the arm routine and do two rounds of it.

While I did my workout I had already put up that red lentil soup on the stove so that I was able to eat and get some protein right after my workout.
It was very yummy but only 30 minutes after I had eaten I got that strange feeling in my throat, which tells me something has had too much acid. For this soup I think I should have eaten it together with some slices of bread to neutralize the acid of the tomatoes which are in the soup but you learn from your mistakes.
I felt quite full but when my mom came into the living room with her pasta dish on the plate I instantly felt a craving for pasta.
I usually don`t have cravings. I am pretty good at eating clean and  never felt that I was missing out on something. I mean it. I was able to sit beside my ice cream eating mom without even thinking of wanting something. So I knew something was wrong. Why would I feel a craving when I am completely full.
So I reflected.
I reflected what had happened the last week.
I reflected what happened that morning on the scale and I reflected last years bikini series.
Compared to last year I hadn`t eaten much. All my foods were really low carb (which they were last year too, but not as low as during the last week), my calories were for sure a lot less. So I had my answer. I took a small plate and filled it with some pasta which I was craving and ate it. I know it wasn`t gluten free and first I felt guilty but then I said to myself "Your body was asking for it so it probably needed it". It was just a tiny portion but I instantly felt better.

So this day had learned me, my body needs fuel. It can`t burn fat if it is not fueled well enough. You can go strong through those workouts if you lack your fuel. So I decided to go with what my body asks for from now on, which doesn`t necessarily means I am eating more or that I am not eating clean. I just listen to my body and find what feels good, which is exactly what you will be seeing on the upcoming days and weeks because that is how it is with chronic diseases and also without. We got to listen to our bodies.

I went to bed early, with my workout clothes laid out so that I was ready to go strong for that bootycall the other day.


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