Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bikini Series Week 2 Day 2

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all fine.

Still on the search on what works for me fitness wise today went a little bit different as you may have expected.
Scheduled was Cardio and Kettleflow and as I do Yoga Camp right now Yoga Camp day 20. Which had a great mantra to start the day with.
I am worthy
So this was a beautiful bootycall. Such a great practice and it made me realise just as I realised the day before that I was missing some foods that I was missing my Yoga. Last year I had done soooo much more yoga and I had gotten so strong. So with that in mind I went and got my breakfast (the usual Quinoa Porridge) before I took off to university.
I enjoyed my 1 hour in the car alone. I love this alone time where you can just listen to music and turn to yourself.
Class was a bit boring but I never liked literature or art from the romantic time/style (what do you call it in english?). So for me it was challenging to keep listening and to take notes for that exam in July.

Once I got back home I said down reading an article for my presentation (end of May) and taking notes. I fixed the handouts for my presentation for tomorrow and added some notes on my papers.
Then I went upstairs for the kettle flow. I pushed through it strong but really came to realise that I don`t like mixing up yoga with anything else. So because I disliked the routine I just didn`t or better say I didn`t enjoy this workout I didn`t went all in and as realised earlier that day I missed my yoga. So I went with my favourite flow which is the freedom flow. I loved it. It was hard doing it for the first time again after 6 months but I just love it. I can turn my mind totally off and let go.

Afterwards I warmed up my loved black bean soup and ate a slice of gluten free bread with it to not end up with the same problem as the night before.

About 3 hours later I made myself a tiny portion of spelt pasta and fried it in the pan with 2 eggs that I had whisked up with a tiny bit of almond milk. Seasoned it with cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt and some strong paprika. I love it as simple as it is but it is quick and fills me up.

I then took some time to relax before I went to bed, with my bag packed for the next day and workout clothes laid out for that bootycall.


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