Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bikini Series Week 2 Day 3

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing fine.
As University, working out, eating healthy, plus having a social life with friends, family and my dog are keeping me busy, I took notes througout the week so that I am able to still keep you up to date an my Bikini Series experience and lifestyle.

So it is Day 3 of Week 2. I went up at 7:30 putting on my workout clothes starting with Rock Your Body with slightly heavier weights. Still not heavy for normal people though but for my shoulder and weak left arm it is okay. I love the barre moves in this workout. They burn so good. They are tough in my legs which for me are the body parts I hated the most on my body. For yours I had tried to slim them up without any success and finally I can se progress. 

I followed that up with Yoga Camp Day 21. I had the beautiful mantra I believe which I really needed that morning. I had a presentation at University later on and was super nervous. Not believing in myself. Thinking I wasn`t good enough.
So with this mantra I changed my mindset for the day completely.

I believe in myself.
I believe I can make it through the day.
I believe I can finish this yoga practice.
I believe I can finish yoga camp.
I believe I will push through my PMWO.
I believe...

As it was already really warm compared to the other days I was a complete sweaty Betty after my workouts, so I took a quick shower (still trying a new Shampoo, so hopefully I can give you a review on that soon) and then went downstairs to eat my usual breakfast (I really need to switch it up for the rest of the week). I was lucky having a mom preparing me my TIU lunchbox with some fruitsalad (pineapple and apple) and a trailmix with some kale chips.
I had a great presentation and went back home being in a really good mood (the sun does that to me). 
On my way home I stopped by a store to do some grocery shopping for my mom and found some good offers on mushrooms and cherry tomatoes as well as strawberries so I went with it (sometimes you just need a treat that is not on your list right?).

Back home I read what I had scheduled for that day. Watched an episode of Hart of Dixie and then went upstairs for my PMWO around 6:15pm so it had already cooled down a bit. Plus I was really scared of that Buddy Workout I had scheduled with some other TIU girls.

So my PMWO started with a 20-Minute Total Body Workout from Adam Rosante (if you don`t know his workouts check them out). He always makes me feel so great during my workouts although I feel as if I have to give up at any second I am always pushing through. I just enjoy these workouts and this time I was sure I will feel the burn for the rest of the day. So great for the whole body and I really love those Butterfly situps.
I followed it up with Street Yoga to make sure I am stretched and to hopefully prevent me from getting too sore.

I then ate a portion of my Broccoli-Pea-White Bean soup and somehow and I don`t know why I reacted to it. I had a skin reaction which was itching and very very painful. So this soup is off the list for now. I do not know if my body has to deal too much with allergies at the moment so that it is oversensitive to certain things, but I documented it and will have a look on it.

Cooked myself that same pasta and egg dish as the night before, because I couldn`t eat up that soup due to the reaction.

I then watched two new episodes of Greys Anatomy and went to bed.


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