Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bikini Series Week 2 Day 6

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well!

I started today with the Detox Flow instead of the Cardio Flow (as I said early I don`t like mixing real cardio like mountain climbers or jumping jacks with yoga, so I instead choose a yoga practice that got my heart rate up and me sweating). I was a real sweaty Betty afterwards. I mean dripping in sweat.

For breakfast I switched up that egg scramble and added sweet corn instead of spinach. Which was a yummy variation as well.
I studied again for the next 4 hours, before I went some grocery shopping to make some orange and yoghurt popsicles.
Then I continued studying for another 2 hours before I went to do my PMWO.
Which started with Toned Arms from the Beach Babe 4 which I really like. To fire these arms and shoulders up even more I followed it up with Beach Arms from the Beach Babe 3 which I also really love. 
I then mixed up the same Dinner that I had the last two days again as I had leftover beans and a lot of leftover beans and it is a really filling dish that keeps me full for a very long time, plus it is really easy and quick to make.

Now watching a quiz show before going to bed.
Looking forward to taking my measurements and progress pictures tomorrow. Already layed out my workout clothes for that Bootycall and I already started to reflect my week.


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  1. The breakfast sounds really good! Mountain climbers are killer! :D