Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bikini Series Week 2 Day 7

Hi everyone!

So I am sorry this is up so late. With an exam upcoming (by the time I am writing this already written) a presentation to prepare, a book to read for hungarian literature, two books to read for norwegian, some sad news (hopefully not as sad as it sounds) in the family, simply too busy to sit down and write this post on time.

But now I am here. With a reflection on week 2 and a reflection on how day 7 of week 2 went.

So as I usual first thing I do when I get up is to step on that scale. Not much of a change (lets be honest nearly no change at all). So I was a bit disappointed but went on to take my transformation photos and to measure myself. The measurements told me I had lost some inches which made me hopeful I am on the right way. Once I compared my photos to each other I could also see what my measurements were telling me. Changes/Progress on my thighs and my booty.

Once all the reflective work was done I went on with my Bootycall. Which was Yoga for weightloss - Strengthen and Lengthen. It is a great practice but at the moment still very challenging for me, but I am hopeful I will build up to it again and be able to enjoy it even more than I did on that morning.
I followed that up with the Olivia Wilde Six Pack Ab routine (2rounds) from XhitDaily  instead of the toned abs routine from the Beach Babe DVD 4 as my planks are still not strong enough for that. So I rather decided to work my abs on my back. The workout I did is really great for the lower abs and for the level my lower abs are at now it is challenging but doable.

Breakfast was an egg scramble with Mushrooms, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes and Feta. Aside a slice of gluten free bread with some butter (you only live once so some treats need to be there, plus avocados were just to expansive at the store at the moment).
I skipped Meal 2 and had a slice of healthy Strawberry Cake (gluten and refined sugar free) for my Meal 3. 

I studied a lot that day and spent a lot of time outside with my dog (which you can see in the collage).

My PM Workout was Yoga Camp day 25. I am strong.

The mantra lets me think of reflecting on week 2. I have been strong. I have gone in stronger. I have pushed harder. I never missed a bootycall. My mind developes a willpower I haven`t seen the past months. I over all feel great. But I also feel that I can and that I want to push even harder.

For Dinner I had Quinoa with beans and sausages and way too much Sambal Olek but I loved it.

If you do not always want to wait for a detailed post, but want to see what I am daily doing make sure to follow me on instagram.

I hope to find more time during the days in the next week (which then is week 4) so that the posts will be up again on the day I am actually at but I can`t promise that. Living and University comes first.


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